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  • de_nordic_chapel

    Nice map, I like it :)

    Really I just have a question about weather or not standing at the bottom of the stairs on the left side of A just outside the right tunnel entrance/exit is to far off objective.

    I don't think it is personally, esp if you have a man there behind the boxes because that is Without a Dout THE Best place on the map to support him from, making sure he doesn't get rushed.

    And it's possibly a better spot than behind the boxes because its harder to nade you from there and also gives you the option to rotate up the stairs to support your teammates inside A if there are hostiles in the arches or at the far right.

    However.. I was told by some1 I respect that spot was to far.

    So I'm hoping we can come to a consensus on the matter.

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    Re: de_nordic_chapel

    really situational about that spot. Typically on that map holding the stairs or middle there can be tough with so many routes so people tend to try to push up to a chokepoint and find themselves to far.

    I haven't played it enough to find all the good spots.

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      Re: de_nordic_chapel

      Yes cloak i would say safer to stay behind the boxes. But that might still be far. You have to get a good look at the 2 sites. It is a major point for T's to breach. But if your holding that door its useless to them, but also pretty far from you objective. So i would say you can spot from the right door, and stay behind the boxes towards the B stairs. If you see anyone in that positon you just remind them it might be a little far from objective, also let them know where they can camp. At least until the big dog plays it more. I hope this helps some. It is still a new map.

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