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  • de_oilfine

    Here's a new one set inside an oil refinery/industrial area, somewhat similar to de_crossfire or de_strata. Both targets are oil drums and the A site is a close quarter area while the B site is more open. CT's can arrive on the A site within 5 seconds and the B site in 10. T's arrive on B and A in 15 seconds.

    There's a nice mid section for doubling back and changing routes if necessary. Frame rates are excellent throughout. The only minor problem which might require a _TG version is that the A indicator for the bombsite doesn't appear on the radar, you can only see the B indicator. You can only tell if you're in the A site by looking at the area description beneath the radar.

    Other than that it looks pretty solid.

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    Re: de_oilfine

    That looks great, definently worth a shot.
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      Re: de_oilfine

      Looks decent, small but decent.

      Little complaint:
      Nav looks very good except that there is no A on the radar/minimap. B is clear and you can see the direction to go, but the A bombsite is just a yellow square near CT spawn.

      I also like the T and CT on the minimap to let you know where spawns are located.

      T - 17 seconds to either bomb site at hard run
      CT - A bomb site is about 1 or 2 seconds from spawn, B is about 10 seconds run. So you have 7 seconds to get in position.

      There aren't a HUGE number of pathways, but there are a few sneaky ways. Some intersections, open areas to fire down and the like.

      So good map, I'd recommend it for play testing on our server.
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