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  • cs_desperados

    Originally posted by Conen. View Post
    This map got the "Nay" because of apparent problems with spawn shooting, however I bring it up cause that really shouldnt be a problem if we change spawn points. This really looks like it could be a fun map. A desert and small buildings setting.
    All 4 hostages are together, so that's a problem, but fixable.

    Only 1 rescue point and it is in the open. right at the front gates, which makes some sense.

    Also has a minimap with the map on it, so that's a plus. (although this small and open of a map is pretty easy)

    It looks pretty cool.
    Kind of has the old west look - an adobish setting that kind of reminds me of a castle. It is at ground level at the gates (near CT spawn) and gets higher as you approach the cliff. So it has a tiered effect.

    My only compaint on appearance is that one the side of the map where the gates are, there isn't ANYTHING outside, just empty air. They didn't add anything there to make it look appropraite, instead it is just empty space.

    Yes, there is some issue of quick shootings if people move right/wrong. CTs start down below and the Ts start up above. The CTs spawn around a corner of a building. So there is a great chance of sniping at first. CTs would have to move from cover to cover as they move up, covering each other. Using smoke, etc.

    I'd recommend we try it. Then we can decide if the small ranges and open areas are too much of a problem to spoil the map. Even if it won't work for 14 people, it might be a great map for smaller numbers.
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