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    have you guys ever played any gun game maps? My gaming community has made a few, if you ever play any of the gg_SBR maps thats ours. One is an office building (actually an identical replica to the old hospital I worked at) another one I made was gg_notasummercamp which is a nazi death camp map, working gas chamber and working ovens, pretty creepy. Also had one called gg_sbr_texturemaze as well as a few others. I can get some screenies of them if you like, they are on my laptop where I do all my design, but the battery is dead (wont hold a charge) and the power cord just died, I have to order a new one.

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    Re: gun game maps

    We don't really do gun games. It isn't the sort of games we play on our servers. We are about objectives, team work and communication. While I enjoy (and I know others) playing them some (esp. to increase shooting skills), that isn't our community's objective.

    Thanks for the offer, though! If you ever design a de/cs/as map, let us know and we'll check it out.
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