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  • cs_bank_assault_night

    Originally posted by Plude220 View Post ( cs_bank_assault_night )
    Initial look: I like it.

    Outside area with bank in middle.
    2nd floor
    1st (ground) floor

    Roof - just flat roof but with glass pointed skylights that allow you to drop into the 2nd floor. Ts can't get to the roof without leaving the building, which might be deadly... just don't see a way for them to get there. This leads to :

    Cts spawn outside. Can go on roof, shoot out glass on top and drop in. With some hostages on top floor, this creates a situation like on cs_siege_tg in the armory. The CTs have the upper ground and there are few places for Ts to hide and guard. This is countered in that the CTs can only extract by going down a stair case or by taking the elevator.

    The elevator has a few problems. The door auto shuts and I found it a bit of a chore to get it to reopen. That might get easier once the 'trick' is figured out (assuming there is one). Also, the 2nd round, the doors closed, then opened and the elevator went up with the doors open... so the elevator isn't perfect - but they are tricky to code.

    2nd floor - U shaped hallwall layout with a few rooms you can open. 2 hostages on this floor. Glass ceiling (as mentioned above). Elevator and 1 stairwell down. Windows a CT can drop down from, but hostages won't.

    1st floor -Mainly one larger room. Has a walled off area where stairs go down and up. One somewhat walled area with storage and a few desks. Counters for doing bank business for some cover, but you see over then while crouched. A few glass cubicle-like offices with desks and chairs.

    Basement - one room with a small bathroom. This means it is flashbait... Ts would need to have at least one guy in the bathroom in case of flashes. NOt much other cover. There is also a vent entrace from the back alley behind the bank.

    Outside - This is one of those maps that I kind of raise an eyebrow at for one reason. Most of the cars are the models that are ruined. One van is sunk down into the brick parking lot. No wheels, etc. So why are there so many randomly about near a bank? Just a small detail I'd change. If the bank was abandoned, that would be one thing. But it is made to look as if it is in use. So the outside just looks slightly wrong for a bank location.

    Lots of windows on ground floor to enter through - full size ones you can just shoot and run through. Hard for Ts to hole up on that floor.

    Final assessment - looks interesting, but is
    a) kind of small. 14 people might be pushing it on this map. Would probably also go pretty quickly, but that isn't necessarily bad.
    b) limited hostage extraction. Only 1 way to take them up from basement. Only 2 ways down from 2nd floor with them. And stairs from basement and 2nd floor are right by each other - easy to guard.

    So it seems to be somewhat realistic, but not sure how well it would play. I'd suggest we give it a try. Again, this might be a good map for smaller numbers. If it could get some more work done, made a bit larger... it would be a shoe-in. As it is, play test it for a rotation (first to 7 wins) and we'd probably know yes/no.
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