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  • cs_spetsnaz and cs_spetsnaz V2
    (lost link to V2)
    I like this map, so it is a shame that it is just too small. It is also pretty CT sided. Sort of like parkhouse, but worse. Lots of ways in/windows to shoot in. So it is hard to find a good place for the Ts to hole up/hide.

    CTs start outside. They can climb a water tower and move around the building that has the hostages. They can climb up onto the building and enter in from multiple points.

    The hostages are all on the 3rd floor in a small fenced in area. Only one path to extract them from the 3rd floor, down a ramp.

    To get them outside, there are 2 routes. One is through the main garage door. The other is through a small door in the back. But the way it is made in the map is bad. It is just a swinging item, not a normal door. So it made a LOT of problems getting all 4 hostages through. I kept having to go back and push it to make it swing. One hostage somehow even got merged/stuck on it.

    So although I like the look and feel, I have to say no due to size.

    cs_spetsnaz V2
    Not enough differences. Still the same basic, small map.

    This could almost be a good map if there were only a few people on, but past that... I don't think so.
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