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    Cts start outside.
    2 main paths toward the house.

    Arriving at the house, I notice two things
    kind of small
    lots of windows and other ways in
    only 2 hostages

    There are two rooms I call execution rooms because they are almost all glass. A T in there is dead meat.

    Ways into house
    garage (a door inside there to house)
    a window to the side of the garage door
    back porch door
    sun room with windows. Only 1 window is big enough and it is the one that looks directly into the door from this room.
    ladder up to a window on 2nd floor
    back door
    another sun room with hall - it extends out from rest of house. Lots of windows

    I don't think you can boost onto the roof of the garage, but it is a place you can get to from the 2nd floor. From there, there is a ladder to the main roof.

    So this map is kind of like harvest - more open areas outside. The house is a little bigger than harvest's.
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