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  • cs_island

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    Re: cs_island

    I like it a lot. It's dark enough to hide in, not so dark as to be annoying. There's a lot of entrances and the spot that gives a good view of the map isn't right where the hosties are, forcing the T's to decide on a either a strong defense on the hosties or control of a big portion of the map. However, having all the hosties in the same spot might be a deal breaker.


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      Re: cs_island

      Has a nice mini-map.

      Rainy, windy. Nice atmosphere.

      Submarine as a rescue point – cool.
      Lighthouse with rotating beam of light – cool.

      3 hostages – all in the same place.

      A boathouse has an underwater entrance that leads to a tunnel to the hostages.

      The hostages are in the underground.
      3 entrances.
      Stairs down from a house lead to cellar. Hole in the wall of cellar to hostage area.
      The underwater tunnel that leads to hostage area.
      Tunnel from by the light house.

      So Terrorists have 3 areas to defend against. They can spread out more, but not really needed.

      The island is small, but it allows for lots of areas to explore. The exterior is dark, but not too dark.
      The lights in many areas can be turned off, but still leaves a little light there.
      Night vision could help, but not needed.

      I’d recommend this map for a try-out also.
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        Re: cs_island

        Even though the hostages are all together, the area around isn't that easy to defend. I've got a feeling it's gonna be like Italy. Staying close can work, but it allows a lot of maneuvering for CTs right in the Ts faces. Pushing up really puts you in a vulnerable position, but it limits the CTs' control on the map. It had that TG feel to it from the start, and not all the maps on the server have it. Don't let the hostages fool you, I think this map has a lot of potential.


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          Re: cs_island

          How about the frame rates? The previous version really killed the FPS outside the house.




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