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  • cs_dawes

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    Re: cs_dawes

    Didn't we play this one a few months ago?


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      Re: cs_dawes

      Map Information ::

      cs_dawes has been developed around a true real world environment which is almost identical to the real buildings dimensions, and i hope you feel like your in a real environment when running around the map.

      Originally dawes was set to be a fight yard map but due to its size i thought making it into hostage rescue would suite much more and will hopefully reduce camping as the objective is set in the middle of the map.

      Now with most hostage maps we all know that Terrorists have the huge advantage, the only map i can recall where hostages do get rescued fairly often is office with dawes i went for a different approach to game play, infarct with dawes the Terrorists actually have a slight disadvantage some reasons are is terrorists start in a much brighter spawn and with the CTS having full cover of the warehouse from both ground and top shelfs and with the main office area have multiple windows it gives the CT a good advantage. Now you might say well what happens if Terrorists camp well the CTS can still attack from several angels which makes it harder.

      If your one of those quick players on the other hand it makes the game play a totally different objective because Terrorists have the advantage that they can quickly sneak into the warehouse and potentially flank from any angel.

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        Re: cs_dawes

        We did test it a few months ago and we scraped it for many reasons.
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          Re: cs_dawes

          A big warehouse. That's it.
          It has a lot of very tall shelf-thingies (that is a technical term, BTW).
          You can climb to the top and jump (or walk on planks) from top to top.
          All 4 hostages close together in the offices.

          So to the hostages, CT have
          up left side
          up middle
          up right side
          on top of the boxes somewhere.

          That is basicallly it. There are some ledges running around the walls of the warehouse, but that doesn't change the only basic approaches. While it is an interesting map in some ways, it just is limited, IMO. Doesn't have that many options and is relatively small, in the grand scheme of things.

          Things that could help
          Having an exterior
          Having some more rooms inside
          Maybe some sort of sewer approach?
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