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De_Icewerk (I Test Now! Yay!)

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  • De_Icewerk (I Test Now! Yay!)

    Now that I have learned how to test maps on my own (Im a big boy now Skylark), I've checked out a few maps, and I will post the ones that I feel TRULY deserve to be tested on the TG server.

    First off is a map called De_Icewerk, link below:

    EDIT: Ok, for some reason the link didnt work properly. In order to get to the map, go to the "Pimpage" sign and click it. De_Icewerk is on the right hand side of the map listings, a little towards the bottom of the list. The map was created by CoKie if that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The map has a snowy/indoor setting. The T spawn is a little garage type room on one side of the bridge. The other side of the bridge is where the T's enter the building where the CT's reside. The CT's spawn right on Bombsite B, and A is just a few corners away.

    Ts have a 15 second run to B, and a 16 second run to A (There are alternate routes for both of these bomsites, however the routes I tested where both the routes where the Ts head straight across the main bridge)

    CTs have a 0 second run to B (Spawn Point), and a 6.5 second run to A

    The Maps has 2 routes to each bombsite for Ts. The Main bridge across the frozen river lead to A and B, however there are some hallways to go through to get to either bombsite.

    Alternate bombsite routes for T:

    For B, right out of spawn and to the RIGHT, you will notice a downward slope through a tunnel which leads down to the frozen river. when you get to the bottom and take a left, you will see the Buoy frozen in the water (Yay you went the right way), pass it and head through a garage looking door and in there is a ladder up to a hole in the floor of the main hallway leading to B.

    For A, if you take LEFT, you can take multiple ways down to the frozen river. When you get to the river, go all the way to the A side, and take the garage type entrance there. continue through the hallways to either the Bottom of A site, the mid-level of A site, or drop in from the top of A site.

    CTs start inside the building across the river. there are a bunch of little interlocking halls that lead the CTs from each bombsite to another. All though the hallways are so intertwined like a maze of sorts, the bombsites are close enough together that you wont get lost, and also the minimap provided helps to guide you around.


    the map is medium to big, but there probably wont be any complaints about size in this maps case.

    So I say that this map is TG worthy material, and that we need more snow based maps on the server and here is a good one.
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    Re: De_Icewerk (I Test Now! Yay!)

    Ok, I fixed the link problem.
    "Be careful guys, he's got a gun"
    - Sparhawxx


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      Re: De_Icewerk (I Test Now! Yay!)

      I've checked most of those maps out already including this one. Definately not worth putting on the server.

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        Re: De_Icewerk (I Test Now! Yay!)

        Vulcan is right

        Ts only have 3 entrances into the bomb site side of map.
        The left one goes directly to A, no forks.
        The right one joins up with the middle one a bit into the path, so that really just leaves two main paths for the Ts.
        There are a few paths between the sites, but they are only accessible from the sites themselves, so don’t do the Ts much good.

        It could be made better. There are a lot of doors that don’t open. If they were made to open and have some different hallways and rooms behind them, it would have some options.

        I'll admit, it has a neat look. Frozen lake, etc..
        It has a few snipe posts over the middle area (the icy lake). But the CTs could/should just camp down that site area. There are only 2 entrances they really have to cover.
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