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  • cs_miami_css

    A Cs map with a kick. Check it out and give me some feed back on it. <(^_^)>

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    Re: cs_miami_css

    well, not too bad. But if the T's set up, they only have to defend 2 places. It's too linear.

    The hostages are in spots that are connected by a hall with no way to except going BY one of the sets of hostages.
    Go one way, eventually the CTs find a way up into a vent that will look down toward the hosages. But again, the Ts could be pushed forward enough so that you can't get there.

    The other way, there is a hallway with several ways in, but again - the Ts don't need to worry as much.

    I think we should have a few people test it, but I think it's basically 'broken' unless we rearrange the hostages. Not sure where, but somewhere with more ways toward them.
    perhaps others could look at it

    Site B is the area Ts just need to defend from that direction.
    At A is the ladder up into vents that drop into hostages, but you have to get there first.

    C is the other area that T's can just defend. CTs can only come from straight ahead or from that other big hall at the side.

    I would suggest moving the farther back, in those 2 empty rooms just above the right most hostages. (should have labeled it)
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