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  • de_ballast_rc2

    I say give this one a try too.

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    Re: de_ballast_rc2

    Ignore the circles for the most part, they just show where some paths can be guarded by one point.

    The map looks nice, a few ways into each map.

    I think the map is playable for a little while. Then I think it sort of becomes office extended - ie, smaller map with a few more routes than regular office. I'd say test-play it and see. If After a normal map rotation we haven't figured out most of it, then maybe try it.

    Going to A.
    Far left ground path.
    2 routes that take you up to a higher up ledge. (they essentially come out about the same place)
    Go middle

    Going to B
    Far right moves you to enter from one point
    or go right through a warehouse. (see note below about warehouse)
    From the middle, there are two ways into B.

    Warehouse note: I don't like how it is laid out. It LOOKS like you should be able to jump off catwalk and open a role up garage door. You can't. Noclip walls that prevent you from going over the railing or over shelves. Bad map design, IMO.
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