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    Well... unless someone can fix it - forget this map. I couldn't get the hostages to move. Since I haven't made a hostage map yet, I can't tell you what is wrong. Perhaps no pathing?

    Lots of paths. Rooms, etc... but looks like this should be a beta map. Like it isn't finished yet.

    All 4 hostages are next to each other. Need to be moved.
    Perhaps 1 or 2 into the room with 2 couches and black screen/chalk board.

    No doors. All openings. That might make sense for inside, but there aren't even any doors to the outside? you just walk in. Unrealistic.

    The map's props just don't make sense. There is very little furniture. Very bare. So it looks almost like it was newly bought/leased/built and they are just moving into it. But there are file cabinets all over. Not in logical places, either. While the map seems good, the placement of items doesn't make sense. Big wooden boxes in an office building? It just looks like the map maker was placing a few things for decor and then some things for cover without really deciding if it looked realistic.

    I'd like to take the map, sit down and spend a few hours working on placement of items in it to make it seem right.

    As the 747 map, this one seems like it might be an OK map for a while. But I think people might start to get bored with it. Not very visually appearling - plain/bare. I could be wrong depending on where hostages were moved, etc.
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