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Good Maps and Bad Maps

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  • Good Maps and Bad Maps

    OK, So lately I have notice certain maps killing the Server (ex. Classified) some maps people just don't like, and I don't blame them, But I think to keep the server and its patrons happy we should cycle some maps out and maybe put others in.

    Classified is one of the bad ones right now. There are not many routes (Only 2 that I count) and a little boring. Also BHC Convoy or whatever it is kills the server too. People tell "OH! That map is great!!!" and then leave after the first two rounds because the round takes to long or they just realize they don't like or whatever the reasons. And that makes someone like me who tries to get it changed mad cause once again the server is dying which I tried to prevent, but NO! that map is soo great I'm gonna leave.

    Those are the twor ight now that I notice that are big server killers. Honestly If we all just play through them it wouldn't be so bad. 5 Rounds goes by fast guys!

    P.S. Did we take fstline off rotation? That was my 1st tactical map. I think its well made and has a lot of routes that the Ts can take. Can we get it back....PLEASE!!!

    --Gen. Waffles
    |TG-24th|Gen. Waffles CO

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    Re: Good Maps and Bad Maps

    This is a classic example of what not to do and why you should read the stickies!

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