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  • SOP clarifications

    An update to the SOP forum is pending. In the interim, please check this thread for clarifications requested by players.

    Crackjumping? Crackjumping is jumping for ANY reason EXCEPT to get onto or over objects such as boxes and railings.

    The bomb is in an area of the map that is physically impossible to reach: Inform the Counter-Terrorists of the situation. Both teams should then complete the following objective: terminate the opposing force.

    What offences can an admin slay/kick/ban for? Admins are free to take whatever action they deem necessary to maintain the high standards we demand on our servers. Any issues should be taken up with the admin in question via private message or the Contact an Admin forum. If unresolved, these issues may be escalated to the Game Officer, Vulcan. Anyone bringing issues up in the forums, or in-game, will be dealt with.

    What about boundaries? There are no boundaries. Your team has an objective to complete. Make sure that your location is appropriate based on the various factors that have been discussed in the general PCS forum.

    Standing on hostages? This is unacceptable behaviour.

    Chain of command? By default the bomber has command of the Terrorists. The whole team may agree on a commander for a round or an entire map. If a commander is agreed, chain of command is at their discretion.

    The SOP forum states "identify team leaders, and follow them, or do what they say." PCS Proven players will generally fit the team leader role best.

    Objects blocking hostages / bombs? You may obstruct the enemy, providing the obstruction can be overcome or circumvented. Blocking in a way that prevents the OpFor from reaching the area, or prevents the hostages from moving is unacceptable. In short, you may make life as difficult as you want, but you may not use objects/game physics to make it impossible for the other team to complete its objective.

    Nade spamming? Nade spamming is unaccpetable. Repeatedly buying nades because you have a clear valid target is acceptable. Restocking when rescuing hostages is acceptable. The same applies to gunfire. Suppression fire on an area where you have seen a target is a valid tactical action. Shooting randomly is not.

    Do not buy multiple nades and drop them on the ground. This translates to nade spamming at spawn at the start of a round when buy time is active.

    Blind fire? Firing without any evidence to suggest a target is considered blind firing. This applies on all maps, not just near hostages. This is not CAL, where players shoot every single hiding place on the off chance that a target is there. Players are required to show extra caution when dealing with hostages. Neither team is permitted to kill hostages.

    Who gets the oddman? There is no rule at the present time regarding this.

    All of the above are subject to change.
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    Re: SOP clarifications

    Another update :

    What does cc mean? CC = click click. A double tap on the TX (transmit) key of a radio to convey an affirmative. It's faster and quieter than talking. If you bind a key to "say_team cc" it also means you can hit 1 button instead of 2 (C, 1) when speed counts.
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      Re: SOP clarifications

      A new clarification for treating a bomb down. If you have a bomb down in your visual the objective changes to that bomb down and it's location. All CT's must get to the bomb down vicinity and as a team keep it out of Terrorist hands. If the Terrorist retrieves the bomb then fall back to your bomb site objectives.

      Clarification: The Terrorist's are required to get the bomb once it is down. That is their objective and becomes the CT's objective to stop them from getting it. This doesn't mean you have to be within a distance proximity to the bomb. This means you have to be able to get a visual on the downed bomb, be in a position to get to it and help your teammates guard it.

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