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SOP: Admins, Actions and Bans.

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  • SOP: Admins, Actions and Bans.

    If you have already been banned please read here.

    If you've got a problem with how an admin handled a situation on the server, you PM the admin who handled it. If you don't know WHICH admin handled the situation, pick any admin to contact and discuss the problem. A list of admins is available in the announcements forum. Be sure to include your SteamID (or playername, if you don't know your SteamID), the time that it happened and on which server it happened.

    If you're not satisfied with the admin's reaction to your complaint, you PM Vulcan, as he is the CSS Game Officer, and discuss it for as long as he'll entertain your concerns. If you're not satisfied with the Game Officer's reaction to your complaint, you PM Apophis, as he manages all Game Officers, and discuss it for as long as he'll entertain your concerns.

    If you can't find satisfaction in any of that, you get over it or you leave.

    At no point during the process do you start a public thread in the forums.

    Below is a longer version of the above:

    On Tactical Gamer servers, administrators are chosen to maintain the enjoyable experience that motivates us all to play here. The Tactical Gamer Counter-Strike server is no exception to this practice.

    Admins on the server enjoy the burden of authority. What they say goes for the duration of the time in which you're playing on the server. If you must question an admin decision, you are encouraged to PRIVATELY do so once you're off the server.

    Players are encouraged (not only invited) to contact an admin privately (see the admin's forum profile for contact information) about any admin decision with which they take question, but players are not permitted (or invited, or encouraged) to question admin decisions while on the server.

    All of the admins are human and therefore imperfect. But they're also chosen (invitation only) because they've proven in act that they want what's best for the server and WILL put personal interests aside to preserve that best. They don't get brownie points for ruining your day, and they will seek resolution with you if you give them the chance to address your concerns.

    If you've got a problem with how a situation was handled, you first privately contact the admin who handled it. Discuss the situation with him and make a good faith effort to resolve the situation without involving anyone else.

    If you're not satisfied with your private conversation with the admin, you privately contact Vulcan (PCS Game Officer). State your problem and work toward resolution. If your issue is with another admin, make sure you include the complete PM history of your attempts to resolve your issue with them.

    If you're not satisfied with Vulcan, you PM Apophis (again, see forum profile for contact information), to whom all Game Officers (and Counter-Strike admins, for that matter) answer. Again, state your problem and work toward resolution. Apophis will only deal with complaints that are accompanied by a full history of your attempts to resolve your issue with the admin in question, and your subsequent PM's to Vulcan.

    If after all of the above the situation is not resolved, you're left to resolve it alone however best you manage.
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    Admins and obtaining their help.

    You have in game chat available to admins by using # "message" in teamchat. This will send a message to the admin channel.
    Keep in mind you cannot read what admins are saying but you can send a message. Do not attempt to discuss admin actions in regular chat. It is between you and the admins only.

    If there is no admin on the server, you can Contact Admins on the forum with the following information.
    Please do not attempt to discuss your ban via any other message system besides forum PM or Contact an Admin forum.

    <player: SteamID> is <afk / TK'ing / voice spamming / not co-operating / rushing / etc>

    Do not at any time attempt to tell an admin what action they should take.

    Current Admin Team:

    The following players are admins on the servers. Their forum profiles offer several ways to contact an admin.

    PCS admins

    Vulcan (Game Officer)

    Temp admins
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      re: SOP: Admins, Actions and Bans.

      There is now a forum created for contacting an admin. You will only be able to see your post in this forum and respond to it while any admin will be able to respond to you. This is an added feature to private messaging admins.

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