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SOP: TG Tag Info

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  • SOP: TG Tag Info

    All players wearing the TG tag on the server must have a registered forum account in these forums. Once you have the forum account, add your SteamID to your profile in the forums.

    Wearing the |TG| tag implies that you have read our SOP's and Announcements in this forum and understand them.

    The Tag is not a get out of jail free card or a way to avoid our rules. It is in fact the opposite. Wearing the TG tag means you fully understand why you are wearing the tag and that you know these announcements and SOP's. This means you will not receive warnings for your misbehavior or your breaking of the rules on the server. In extreme cases bans also come quicker.

    Forum activity is also required in order to make yourself more familiar to us, as well as with us. You may be asked to remove the TG tag due to many different factors of your attitude, maturity and various other aspects by an admin. If this happens, give it some time and attempt to become more familiar with TG. Your support with a tag does not quantify how much you support TG, only your presence and activity within the community can show that.

    Thank you for your time.
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