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Server IP, Reserved slots and Connecting Icons

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  • Server IP, Reserved slots and Connecting Icons

    The server IP is

    Certain rights on our servers, including reserved slots, are granted based on the memberships defined in the Tactical Gamer Forums.

    If you have access to the Tactical Gamer Member Forums, your reserved access on the CSS server is automated and dependent only on your having a valid SteamID listed in your Forum Profile.

    If you are not yet a Tactical Gamer Supporting Member, becoming one is your first step to enjoying a reserved slot on the servers.

    Once you're a supporting member, make sure you have a valid SteamID listed in your Forum Profile. Once the SteamID is in your forum profile, you need only allow the server to change maps once (or maybe twice, in rare cases) for your reserved slot to automatically take effect, at which point you can immediately begin enjoying one of the many benefits of Tactical Gamer Supporting Members.

    Creating a shortcut to connect directly to the server:
    Note: This is required to connect to a full server.

    Right click your shortcut to CSS and go to properties. Under the target field add the following bold part.

    "G:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 240 +connect
    Your regular Icon will contain the NON-Bolded part, add the Bolded part to it for a custom connect icon to server. You can rename it TG Server or however you wish.

    add +password "password" for passworded servers.

    You can also use "connect" in console. Use password after it if there is a password on the server:

    connect;password currentserverpassword

    Note: you will have to change the password in the shortcut icon when the password changes here in the SOP's.
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    Re: Server IP, Reserved slots and Connecting Icons

    Update bump.

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