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SOP: I'm banned? Now what?!

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  • SOP: I'm banned? Now what?!

    Tactical Gamer uses more than one method to try to make our Counter-Strike servers appeal to our unique community. One of the tools that we use is the administrative ban.

    You can be banned permanently or for a set, temporary amount of time. Our servers are coded to kick people automatically for doing certain things (cursing, TKing, hostage wounding, etc...). If you're playing right, you won't have to worry about it. If you're not playing right, then we don't want you to know how far you can push the limit and get away with it. Keep this in mind if you're banned.

    If you don't think you were automatically (and therefore temporarily) banned and can't figure out why it happened, then contact any admin via forum private message and explain the situation. A list of admins is available in the announcements forum. Be sure to include your SteamID (and playername, Retrieve your SteamID) here, the time that it happened and on which server it happened. We'll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible. Publicly posting in the forums is NOT appropriate.

    There is now a contact an Admin forum where players can post a thread, however only they can see their thread and the responses. You will not see anyone elses threads except your own. The admins can then communicate with you in a private manner.
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