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SOP: What to do if you think someone is cheating

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  • SOP: What to do if you think someone is cheating

    If you believe someone is cheating, and there are no admins on the server, please DO NOT post accusations in the forum. The correct way to report cheating is by PM to an admin. More than one person of late has gone about this the wrong way.

    The more information you can provide, the better. Record a demo whilst spectating the suspected cheater, and provide us with a link to your demo file. Get their name and steam id by typing status in your console. Be specific in your PM about *why* you believe they are cheating. Just because they keep getting headshots, doesn't automatically make them a cheater. We all know shooting someone in the leg in source can result in a headshot due to the lousy programming.

    Also, don't expect someone to be banned from the server, just because you think they are hacking. Any evidence you provide will be reviewed, but the admin team needs to be certain of guilt before banning takes place.

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    Re: SOP: What to do if you think someone is cheating

    Just a reminder for everyone that accusing people publicly in any fashion for cheating is not tolerated. Whether that's on the server or forums. If you feel they are just get the admins a demo so we can review the person.

    To record a demo just go into the console and type record demoname. The demoname can be anything but it's good to use the players name so it's easily identifiable. If you don't use a different name for more than one recording it will overwrite your demo. So use record vulcan1 and add numbers at the end to record multiple demo's. Type stop in console to stop the demo or just disconnect. These demo's will be in your cstrike folder on your hard drive.
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