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    Re: cs_office Strategies / Tactics

    Originally posted by Jack Bauer
    I usually watch to see how many enemies are left, watch the time, etc and direct the rushes.
    In competition, I suppose that would be a good thing. Mostly, we set up a plan first, then coordinate the execution.

    I usually try to mix up the plans, so that you don't run one strategy into the ground.

    I'm not a big fan of rushes, generally, since you tend to lose too many teammates to achieve the objective.

    Every dead asset is not an asset.

    I have some excellent shooters that do most of the heavy work, but a coordinated effort is key. Are you saying there are certain spots on the map where you can surprise the opponent to get the 1 shot kill?
    There are spots all over the map for surprise. I only really care about 1 shot 1 kill if the ammo is running low. Bullets are cheap, until you run out of them. :icon19:

    Is there anything we should make sure to communicate? For example I make sure people shout out when they are below 25 health. A guy can kill even at 1 health.
    My teams call out HP all the time.

    If on defense, I move the low HP players to the hostages or bombsites, and have the other players come forward.

    On offense, I either move them to the covering fireteam, or cycle them over to a flanking/distracting fireteam.




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