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Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

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  • Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

    Hey there Gamer pals.
    Just thought I would Point out a simple but clear difference between Fast, Decisive Movement and Rushing.

    When Making a plan and executing it many things are tantamount to success. One of them being proper movement. It's all too easy to let the 'perfect plan' go to crap by sitting in the wrong area too long.

    You may often hear me calling on coms "move move move - PUSH IT THrough!."

    And often I die in the lead of this, BUT! it's those coms and actions at the appropriate time that gets that strike team thru to the objective.

    For example: De_Ignorance. Your the T's. You decide to plant A by moving the Left side thru the short tunnel.

    You have your team set up just outside the tunnel enterance. The call for 'go' is given and teh team moves out. Once in tunnel moving towards A You stop because you see 2 enemy Ct's on the other side popping off a few M4A1 shots at you. You most likely stopped to pull off a few rounds yourself. The rest of the team does the same and now you have 4-8 men in a small area sitting around in a death tube waiting to get eradicated. EVERY second the team remains in that tunnel is one more second that Enemy ct's have to communicate your postition and bring more firepower to back them up, as If the odds weren't ALREADY against you.

    Do not stop, there is such thing as tactical suppression fire, it works while running. please excersize this ability. Once that call for movement is given DO NOT STOP MOVING until you are through that potential death trap.

    Now, to clarify the differences:

    a 'rush' goes something like this:
    During planning time , team memeber 'x' says 'Rush B' - The Problem with this is although You can effectivly get people to move fast to get to the objective, you can't be certain they will move together, or arrive together or even arrive at all. Pandemonium. There is a Very easy way to turn a rush into a practical, effective, precise, fast moving piece of action.

    It's called a 'waypoint'. These beautifull little things are places that a team meets b4 executing any further action/s.

    Without them, heres the 'bad' scenario:

    Map: Dust_2
    team: terrorists
    Call: Rush A - Short

    What Happens: 2 members of team spawned on the 'b' side therefor have a distance between them and the rest of the rushing team.

    4 of the "A-siders' leap over the ramp wall , into the middle and charge down to the ramp, start firing thier rounds at the Double door as some sniper, effectivly covered by those doors, easily starts riddling them with scout fire. 2 "A-siders' move to the right of the car towards long A to come around on the raised walkway to short A effectivly making it thru to the bottom of the stairs at 'A'.

    Hold that thought. Lets go to the 2 members of the team that were on the b-side of the spawn.

    They burst off and jump over the ramp side as well, possibly 3-4 seconds behind the first 4 A-siders which have more than already notified teh Ct's that there is a whole slew of people in the middle waiting to get slaughtered, Thier presence in the middle helps nothing because there is only so many blind rounds u can fire at/thru a big door before a scout or an M4 Blows ones head off.

    By now, most likely a remaining A-sider from teh first volley has already tried to peek thru double doors and gotten naded or decimated by a defensivly advantageous waiting CT.

    Back to the 2 a-siders sitting in the bottom a' stairs. They are here wasting time. Waiting , and wondering wth the team is. Giving more time for the enemy to post camp and call comms out.

    You most likely are going to fail to plant the bomb.

    Lets see how easy it is, to turn that rush into an effective fast moving plan.

    same scenario: different call:

    Call - WHOLE TEAM - WAYPOINT LONG A Double doors, Our side. NO ACTION until 'I, ( name ) call out)

    Very very simple. Now you haev gotten the team to one place , closer to the objective with no commotion. yay!

    It was a simple call. People understood hopefully "go here, Do NOTHING"

    Ok, so teams here - next part - get them to A via short stair route

    CALL- Waypoint Short a stairs. Stick to the RIGHT, Do not go down ramp, DO NOT STOP. use suppressive fire on Double Doors while running if needed. Do we understand? ( repeat till team understands, Your in a safe area, the whole team is with you, take your time)

    Execute that plan, you should have minimal deaths. Once at short A stairs

    Final Call - ON MY SAY - "Name" flash A - "Name" Cover our Back at stairs - Team Move in after flash, take defenseive positions and hold them"

    At least now, Most likely you have gotten most of your team into the objective site with minimal deaths, maximum ammo, and AS A TEAM. Obviously this is no guarentee toa win. If they have more men at that objective than you, Luck is with them, better accuracy, etc etc... They can still easily defend that site. BUT YOU GOT THERE PROPERLY.....

    So easily done, but rarely used. USE IT. I hope now you can see the difference between a rush and a fast decisive movement.
    ( sorry for the long post) - faust

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    Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

    That is a good post and you make some very valid points, also with a desicive movement people tend to do just that desicivly move.

    This happens to me all the time and I am sure it has happened to some of you, the team calls rush "b" and two people in the head of the pack run out. Now at this point they either clear it to a covered area or they die, if they die very often the rest of the team just stops, normally this leads to the eventual destruction of the waiting team. With a planned assault with a timed attack people are less likely to fall back because there seems to be a solid plan.


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      Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

      Too often am I at the head of a charge, even if all I could afford was a pistol, shouting "Push! Push! Keep pushing!" and the team just stops behind me, or trails off somewhere.
      Your words will hopefully help people get to the beginning of the quick advancenment, now we just need to get them to not hesitate in a push.

      Great post, Faust. Very useful, concise, supported, and direct.


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        Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

        Originally posted by Faust09
        ( sorry for the long post) - faust
        We like long posts, especially when they're well thought out, and very helpful (just like yours was).
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          Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

          I hope everyone reads this post.

          There is nothing worse than getting blocked by the first couple guys and getting mowed down or killed 3 at a time by a nade.


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            Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

            Deleted Post....
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              Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

              Originally posted by Manboob's
              Not that i'm really involved, but to often do the t's on de_ignorance go through the tunnels and get flanked by a ct,I understand that the CT has a right to be there because he's not outside the building, but my point is that you should , maybe, set some better boundries for them NOT to pass because it is pointless for a T to possibly waste a Sniper on a stupid CT that is probably kill hunting. For Instance, before I got banned, there was a guy with a name something like XM8 or something and he camped the tunnel at that very front part. You can't tell me that that is a good spot to camp. Personally, it makes more sense to just stay back where the t's have the cover of the crates because you, as a CT, have more cover there.
              This doesn't really have much relevance at all to the thread. I would suggest one more closely related to cs_ignorance, or something :p . Feel free to make a post there concerning this, because it could be discussed. This just isn't the best place :) (it is nice to keep topics organized).

              Doorway mentions a good point. There is nothing that's more 'nade-bait than a crowded hallway full of OpFors. :p


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                Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

                My Bad, sorry!


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                  Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

                  another excellent example of where to turn RUSH into PLAN is on Pirenessi - same idea... middle floor and roof = death if still


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                    Re: Fast Desicive Movement vs. 'A Rush'

                    I don't totally disagree with you on all out rushes, but sometimes an organized rush where you know what your doing is just as good in some situations.
                    The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.

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