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    Re: Jumping

    Originally posted by Root View Post
    We're discussing a bomb down, not a bomb planted. The fastest route is the correct one - your team mate(s) need assistance.
    I don't concur, the route which gives you the strategically and most tactically sound eventual position to cover your team or - in the worst case scenario, complete your mission objective alone can also merit much attention.

    If you have 3 routes (For example on this map:
    -> B through Double doors then up under the overpass at CT Spawn which leaves you vulnerable to attack from potentially FOUR Separate positions, - the fastest, but strategically, and tactically worst route possible - in my opinion
    -> B through Tunnel up to Mid-> Short-A the second shortest route with the least openings and vulnerabilities for your passage to the new objective (your team mates, and the bomb), leaves you in a position where you are only vulnerable to potentially oncoming fire and are quite likely to end up coming up behind your opponent, and pinning them in with suppression fire, or picking one or two opponents off before they're even aware of your presence.
    -> B through T spawn through A-Long the longest route, but the one most assuredly secure and similarly to Short-A, the chance to come up behind your opponents and offer your team firesupport - laying down overlapping fields of suppression fire, or picking off an opponent or two before they're aware of your presence.)

    In an actual situation where special ops or similar organised forces have this option they will automatically take it if a situation like this occurs, update their team of it over the wire, and typically lay down overlapping fields of suppressive fire in order to subdue the opponent(s) present, as this is the safest and least likely way to lose a team member.

    Additionally, to address the ops SUBJECT HEADER - and one of his points which was completely ignored thus far in the topic;
    Though "Crackjumping" CPL/CAL Style is not in the spirit of realism, it IS very much in the spirit of realism that people will DIVE for cover and people will DIVE around a corner if they need to continue an operation that has already begun and gained momentum.
    Don't get me wrong, diving around a corner is not the CounterStrike Style leap into a crouching position and spray - by diving around the corner the operative will typically be attempting to survey the entire room in one sweep (typically when they're first in or going into an area alone - though the latter does not regularly happen at all, it is an eventually they're trained for), and automatically moving along a path into the room/corridor that secures the widest possible field of suppressive fire until they find a Point or Position of Dominance in the room or corridor, similar with alleys and more open areas though progression through said area is strictly team based and coordinated.

    There are several things I've been told are nono's on the servers which are very much SAS tactics to be used when available (EG: =][= Counter-Rush, CT Securing progression (normally slow up to a point until they're disturbed by either fire or noise, or a team call for assistance/information update) until Long-A Double doors, then sweeping through middle, into B-Tunnels or Short-A to Attack the opponents flanks as they close in on THEIR objective, and lay down suppressive fire (though in CS normally this just means charging in trying to frag as many of the opponents team as possible whilst they engage the defensive teams position at A or B expecting to get killed but taking as many opponents with you as possible weakening them economically for the continuing rounds).

    Which is another thing that strikes me as slightly odd, though I concur that certain weapons should be limited in their deployment as they naturally would be on a battlefield, there is no battlefield economy and people would be going in with their ideal loadout every single time.

    Yes, I'm a devil's advocate, yes, I understand how your dynamics of play have evolved and, yes, I enjoy the playstyle to quite a degree on your counterstrike server.
    However, certain things are limited and should not be;
    In the =][= adopted SAS sweeping secure tactic I mentioned earlier, it requires me to pass within 40-60 yards of T spawn, I gain line of sight, of T spawn, I have no interest in this position, it is not my objective, nor am I there to gain kills.
    However, since a couple of Ts (including on |TG| tagged member) were prancing around jumping up and down on this map at T spawn, they saw my approach of the second pair of double doors at the end of long-a before my sweep right - not, in to spawn, but to head to the other primary objective.

    They opened fire on me.
    I returned fire, and killed said |TG| tagged member, he berated me for being at that point in time (note; this point in time is almost one minute into the round, and absolutely no activity had been heard at A-Long, hense the decision to proceed to B through tunnels to reinforce the probable assault there) for being "At T Spawn." - Apologies however I do not see this as being AT T spawn, nor do I see it as acting outside of the realm of realistic field operations.

    Take it as you will but I was deeply insulted that I was being called a frag hunter after I had previously spent the round on a completely new map to myself covering only half of my objective because I had absolutely zero situational awareness of the surrounding area until about half way through the map.

    I'm very much interested in the style of play on this server, I just feel that on certain maps some things are 'against the rules', that really, should not be 'against the rules' to strategies and tactical plans that real forces deploy in similar situations.

    I hate to play the devils' advocate here, because I don't want to make a bad first impression, but I have been deeply impressed by what I saw today (first time in a very, very long time CS has ever shown any interest for me), I just do not wish it to be ruined by inflexibility and - for want of a better word, whine at being unable to deal with superior REAL WORLD Tactics being employed that a person couldn't think of a viable counter for.

    hmm, I wanted to post a thumbnail to the image I uploaded, but apparently I have to post 15 times before I can (A sensible anti-bot precaution).
    Oh well, perhaps at another point in time.
    Every Arrowhead is a position at which your surroundings need to be secured and additionally a point where you decide whether to proceed, or fall back and contact your team with an information update, the last arrows into both bombsites are seldom used, as the moment is primarily to put you into a position where you can lay down cover fire for your squadmates, this would preferably be done by a team of two.
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