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Some tactics for de_nightfever

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  • Some tactics for de_nightfever

    Ok firstly i dont pretend to be some great tactition and i know there are flaws in my plans, but some people were having a hard time on this map as CT's and i was hoping to pose a few positions that might give you a better chance as CT's. I hope this doesnt get to complicated.

    Ok these are five positions that i have found very usefull in defence of this map.

    Yellow/Red dot:
    *Give this guy a long range weapon i had a scout in this position and could dominate the river side and resterant.
    *And in a flick of the mouse he can be on either balcony or a high planter to over see site A.

    Green/Red dot:
    *The middle man, he is there to watch Blue/Red dot's back and if needed to relieve Red/Red dot.
    *Since he is in a great position to team up with Red/Red dot to recapture either bomb sites.

    Blue/Red dot:
    *This guys purpose is to watch the window which is a favorite assault for the T's he can easily position himself to count them enter B while remaining mostly hidden.
    *Can also reliave pressure on the Black/Red dot in appartments with some flashes.

    Black/Red dot:
    *To get in appartments is a real race but if your the nearest spawn to it youll easily beat the T's, once there you can gaurd the stairs you entered and watch over site B from the window.
    *However being this far out could result in a problem if site A is taken.

    Red/Red dot:
    *This Guy is to watch the lobby and with the raised position and a corridor to slip down he should be quite safe.
    *He is also in a great position to flank those T's who get too close to your sniper at Yellow/Red dot.

    If your confused about the positions or place names i used i surgest having a wander around the map. Heres the site i got the map off, at the bottom is a picture of the different routes T's can take if your interested.

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    Re: Some tactics for de_nightfever

    I only played this map as a Terrorist so I did not get the vantage point of a CT. The first couple rounds we were killed until we realized to either sprint to cover fast or watch the windows. The CT's did complain about the map being big and hard to watch both sites but I think that might be a problem with

    1) Being a new map and not being familiar with all the routes.

    2) Sending CT's to far forward to try and watch us come in. If they controlled more the points of access in to the bomb site then they could have spotted us confirmed the bomber on location and called for backup.

    I would like to play as a CT next time just to get the other sides view.

    The map did feel very clean and looked nice. We were wondering if the car on the T spawn side that was moving caused damage...LOL!

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      Re: Some tactics for de_nightfever

      Disciple this is AWESOME. Thank you!



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        Re: Some tactics for de_nightfever

        Nice. Thanks for posting this!
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