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Fall back man: cs_articstorm

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  • Fall back man: cs_articstorm

    For Ts, this map can either be really easy or a big pain in the butt. For the latter, it is always a good idea to send out atleast one reconassance man (forgive my mutilation of that word), to say the supply room and call out every enemy that passes, but DO NOT ENGAGE!

    So getting more to the point, a few hours ago i was the recon man in the supply room, equipped with a scout, deagle, HE grenade, and some other stuff I probably didn't use. After a while, the team that was on the top encountered a large group of enemies. I waited a little longer to see if any others were going garage and then after nothing happened headed up to backup my team. (Now I did not agree with that area being fair game, but that game we played that the whole inner complex was fine positioning for Ts)

    I came up the spiral stairs and saw blood all over and noticed that they had already cleared their way to the first set of hostages. So I ran down the stairs, without the running part that would give away my position, and when i got to the bottom I saw three enemies running out of the first hostage room moving toward the second. I put a hole in the ear of the second one with my scout and then began taking fire, so I took the stairs back up to safety.

    After calling that the hostages have been taken I headed up to the surface and into the high window room (this is where the fall back man part starts really). After my one remaining ally killed one more enemy things began to quiet down. The only assumptions anyone could make is that they fell back to finally rescue the hostages they already had, so I was more than prepared. When they finally emerged out of the long APC garage thing, I took my time to take the head off one of the two, right as one hostage reached the rescue zone. In the heat of the moment i missed my first shot on the second guy, and as he ran for cover I put one in his gut.

    I then exited the building, seeing how my position was obviously compromised, but had one more contact right after I came out the door. After a nice long fire fight, I finally killed him and made my way to hide behind the truck. Somewhere in there the two other enemies that were already in position to breach the next hostage room realized what was going on so they went in and killed my last ally.

    After a while i was surprised when they smoked the APC garage. I threw my trusty HE grenade behind the smoke, which killed one of the enemies and probably severely injured one of the hostages (oops) and went back into cover. A flash then came flying out of the APC garage so I pulled out my deagle and was ready for some close range combat. The last enemy finally emerged, watching his left towards the room I initially was in and so I blew him away with my deagle.

    Now mind you, I was in full contact with my team when I was doing this, communication is key afterall. Anything short of a mic wouldn't cut it for the amount of comms needed for this.

    I hope I see someone other than me use the general tactic described here :D , it is great to get a nice open area with many hiding spots rather than stay cramped inside the complex. And if any of you bicker about it, it's very obvious to the Ts that the surface is the only way to evacuate the hostages, and so intercepting them before they get to the helipad (the rescue zone) is key to keeping them from stealing the hostages. =]

    And last of all I am very thankful that none of those CTs bitched at me for that nasty little trick. :p

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    Re: Fall back man: cs_articstorm

    TELL ME MORE! Kel when I goto the library next I want you to read me stories :) Very well put. I think i was with the first group out to die and we all whined but not for any bad reasons. You clearly PHONED US! And since that very nice tactic I do say "heads up for a T" when we get to the lobby actually. Whenever I get up there i think (when i think) of what u did to our ct family that day :(

    Very Nice indeed :)




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      Re: Fall back man: cs_articstorm

      Articstorm is a godly map for tactics, teamwork, and maturity.=P

      Seriously though, we need more maps designed like it. I like the freedom of movement T's get, which keeps the CT's always on their toes and watching their back. CT's do win though, it just requires a bit more thought than usual. If CT's are doing well though, the map is really satisfying to win on.
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        Re: Fall back man: cs_articstorm

        this is my favorite map Obi and i usually go on sewer patrol haha. I agree scout (no killing) areas of interest.

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