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  • de_train* Tactic

    Last night we played de_train* and the forced auto-team select feature put all TG/TG-PCS players on the terrorists side and myself and all the non-TG players as CT. Well, you could imagine the chatter on the CT side going along the lines of "We are going to lose."

    I tried to calm everyone down and spit out a plan. 1st two rounds we got spanked pretty hard. Mostly because we didn't put the cross hairs on the target as well as the terrorist team did. I decided to mix it up and have the whole team camp the B site (the enclosed train yard). Splitting the team up wasn't working and I thought doing something a little different would calm the team down some and maybe pull a round out of the match. My thinking was to put more CTs shooting at the T's as they turned the corner/came out in the open, aka, quantity over precision. The T's aim was better than ours and I wanted to do something to make up for it. I chose B due to being enclosed and having more cover with shooting posistions and we could get from B to A very quickly from two angles.

    First attempt we almost won with it, we actually killed more than 2 of them, lol. 2nd attempt of this tatic I set a guy at A (the open train yard) to atleast watch what was going on. That attempt failed too, but it was close.

    Third attempt I tried putting everyone at A with just 1-2 watching B. That went horrible. So I tried a few other tatics after that to no avail. I'm just curious to how I could ammend this strategy some. The all at B almost worked a few times and I'm thinking a few ammendments might do the trick. I also wanted to get some feedback on the idea.
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    Re: de_dust Tactic

    umm ... that was de_train.... and I was the one with the plans for the Ts... :) Id say they were working pretty well :) A good attempt by the CTs but we had situation under control :D

    I remember well looking up at the scoreboard before the round started and seeing all TG and PCS tags loaded up on T side.. I knew we had a chance lol


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      Re: de_train* Tactic

      One thing on this map that can work on Terrorists is putting a guy up in the snipers nest in the trainyard at A and either/or putting a guy up in the middle near that exit from the lockers.

      The guy near the lockers can hear T's moving through there and give the B guys an early warning and allow for a possible flank while T's aren't watching. The snipers nest guy can take out T's without them being able to get to him effectively. When the T's enter either site, your strength is shooting at them from many many angles.

      All in all though when your playing against guys that communicate effectively and have good skills at both tactics and aiming, your in for a tough fight even with the best strategy.

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