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Vents in Covert

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  • sparhawkxx
    Re: Vents in Covert

    Yes thats what I do, I'm scared I don't wanna go in there :) but i will rarely.

    P.S. Take a partner or offer up help (typed chat so you don't interrupt comms please ) when plans are made. Don't be silent and go find a camp by yourself. Only if the plan calls for a lonewolf should you be alone.

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  • Dimmu
    started a topic Vents in Covert

    Vents in Covert

    While I was in covert (on the terrorist team), a plan was made to go in vents and try to take out the CT's that way. Now as my partner(s) and I came in, the CT's (atleast 2 or 3 of them) were already rushing my way, coming to the T spawn. It was a wreck. Now I dont know if the players were just fast on the team to get into the vents, or if its easier for them to get in (even if its only seconds to mili-seconds), going through the vents isnt always a good idea.

    Now the T spawn is quite dark on this map, so a good idea would be watch the vent, since your at the advantage rather than the CT trying to come out of the vent.

    just a heads up!



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