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  • Flanking and other things

    This probably came up a lot before but, Say a Ct is at A bomb site and he has his whole team still alive can he keep moving from site to site? because it seems most of the time people do do that it is for the kills, in some cases to help your team out if they are getting attacked.

    another thing is, I cant explain so ill give example

    de_covert- 4 terrorist- 4 Counter Terrorist.

    should the terrorist still be in fish tank room?
    or if there are more T's then CT's should they be in there?

    Last thing!

    Flanking is aloud if you communicate correct?
    Can you keep flanking even if bomb never was spotted yet. it seems that people like to just flank to get a kill, but if bomb was spotted then that sorta on objective. So question is can you flank if bomb was never spotted yet?

    I asked all this just so I know for now on.
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    Re: Flanking and other things

    The flanks are fine but you have to know where the T's are. All of them. Why send in 1 man against 7 T's if there not accounted for. Thats just silly.Comms Comms Comms.

    Just because your team spots 2 enemy doesn't mean the team should all move over. Even if the bomb is spotted. I have seen too many times the bomber is spotted then all of the CT switch over. By the time the CT get over there, 4 T's are dead and there's no bomb then it gets planted at the opposite site. As your team spots them and eliminates them then there is no need for backup. The opposite goes for losing teamates, send in just replacements and not the whole team unless the bomb is called down or traped or on the site.

    On covert the only time I would say the T's shouldn't be in that room is if they are outnumbered bigtime. They have to atleast be able to watch the next room closer to their spawn. The right vent room and the dark vent rooms can hurt them at low numbers. 4 on 4 though I think 2 at the fishtank is fine. They should be doing rounds if the CT's take their time.

    Flanking off your objective is killhunting. What is your objective? Figure that out and sit on it. 1 T left and he has the bomb you can flank him if he traps himself. Also if you have numbers. If your the last CT why would you even think of this? Remeber Your objective is not to let them plant. Whenever the last T plants agaisnt 7 CT that team should be ashamed of themselves. This is not rare and happens on a regular basis. Communication is king in this game and all TG games.



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      Re: Flanking and other things

      Good points Spar. My 2 cents..

      The only ways for someone to flank without spotting the bomb should be used rarely. For example on Office extended, if CT's are coming up long hall, and you have a man in front office from the beginning, then he can flank when his buddies tell him the CT's are close and can be easily owned from behind. Or the old elevator trick.

      Also, if its a easy flank (Hardly move away from bombsite, but you have to have comms and have one or more men in the bombsite) then you can do a surprise flank to relieve some pressure on them. I would only do this if they are pushing through very fast, and your guys can hold them off for a little bit with flashes/grenades. Don't do this if they are being slow and arn't pushing, because it is not needed. Comms are important!

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        Re: Flanking and other things

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          Re: Flanking and other things

          The way I play it is that with good teamwork and comms you can justify a lot of flanks.
          Say you are playing Forest and you count off the entire team (you have to count them) going across the river to long A. Even though the bomb isnt going to hit radar at that distance, if your count was accurate then you should be able to have teammates in B flank over to the river and pin them into a long A assault. Most times you try this they end up trying to fall back and get picked off not expecting CTs to be in river.

          For me its all about the objectives. Is your flank going to leave an objective unsecured? Is your move tactical or random? When flanking you have to be able to visualize the entire map and know with certainty that you are not making your objectives vulnerable by moving out of position. The only way to pull all that off once again is with Comms.


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            Re: Flanking and other things

            It's more than just communication here, it's "good and justified" communication. Simply saying i'm going to flank does not make it ok. You have know that it's a good time to do it which means you should be expecting what's going to be in your path when you do the flank. If you don't know then don't try it. Chances are to great that you will end up dead amongst many enemies and your team is down a man. It's not about an eye for an eye either. So what if you take down a guy. You should play as if you may be the last guy alive and that your life in that round is worth more. If you feel confident you have enough information to expect that you can flank and take a couple people with you and possibly get back safely then it's justified.

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