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    Re: Guns or Plan first

    And awareness has been raised. Success!

    After reading everyoneís opinions I'm going to throw in my final conclusions.

    A rule against this is completely unnecessary.

    As I said before most guns are OK to buy at the very beginning of the round, Only ones I can think of that get in the way of plan making the most would be shotguns , scout, aug, and to a lesser extent the para. I donít care if you have a P90, M4, Clarion, or P228 for the rush.

    To address cQiix yea usually 80-90% of the team are good and donít cause any problems for the leader but that one guy who buys letís say a scout can completely throw his plan out of whack.

    Have to disagree with Vulcan on if you are only good with a few weapons. Extreme example but if youíre only good with the scout and I mean youíre really good so you buy it every time and then I say we're split rushing rushing B mid and far right on Priasona. Scout man says near the end of the freeze time heís scouting roof, I personally usually say "no either buy a smg or make due with what you have." But often times the planner will give in, which promotes this behavior in the future.

    Last observation, which parallels what spar said, the planner will often assign people to do jobs they are confident they can handle if they know the player. I would never assign spar to scouting unless he was fingering the ban hammer. If clef was on my team he would be my scouter and I would place spar teamed with Noirangel in a forward position and have Bofa be at their fall back point with aug/krieg. Usually if you going to do somewhat if a intricate plan you know the players well enough to put them in appropriate roles.




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