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    Re: Friendly Fire! Duck!

    Originally posted by Potshot View Post
    I agree about the damage to self and jerk. No point in the team killed AND team killer to die, just because one of them was stupid. I'm sure that if a person kills another on purpose, or blatantly disregards their safety, he'll hear about it from his own team.
    I think a lot of this stemmed from back in the day, when we got a lot of New people to the server and they had the normal run and gun, FF off, shoot as many things that move mentality. So there had to be a sort of wake up call put in place...

    It seems now days we have mostly a lot of regulars and not a whole lot of new people jumping on at once. The new ones that do jump on either get up to speed quick or leave. So it seems like it should be feasible to remove the damage to the person giving FF.

    Usually when I see FF happen it is because of surprise, or someone walking into the line of fire but there is always a round of apologies and such. If you hit someone because they walked into your line of fire...Apologize and mention that they did walk into your line of sites...good comms and radar prevents those types of things but it is bound to happen now and again....

    <-----Raises Hand because I shot team mate the other day...

    Besides when we do get the occasional AFK T holding the bomb or the random annoying person that will shoot his own team mates just because he likes creating a mess then we can take them down "Just like in real life".

    Plus Franson always likes shooting the trouble makers and this would make his day...LOL!

    We could still keep the TK a team mate so many times and get kicked from the server...rule.

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