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    The Jury is out for me, but I have a topic for discussion on this map.

    As a T what are your thoughts on attemting to prevent the CT's access to the large elevator by securing the room with the door switch? Or is it better to just give up the switch and allow the cts to have an addtional entry point and just hunker down with the hosties?

    Poor Hang10 was having the hardest time keeping us from rushing out to cover the switch and it cost us many rounds getting mowed down by the cts. However the other night Fm Cut keep the Cts out of the room with easy for several rounds. Just a thought, what do ya think?

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    Re: Artic Beta Tactics

    That room is vital. It gives CT's another route and is needed for a second extraction point. Just like Seige I would lose what little men you can there and then cover the hostages. Thats unless the game ends with that room :)



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      Re: Artic Beta Tactics

      It partially depends on how close the Ts spawn and how well they run.
      I found that you basically have to run at full speed and make the jump up onto the stairs perfectly.
      I think it was Ednos that kept running to open the elevator. I killed him about 5 times in a row. about half of them he would get the elevator open, then die.

      It depends on the players. Some can get there fast and do the job well. Others just die pittifully.

      There is a chance for Ts to spawn there, but there isn't a buy zone there.

      Also depends on how many CTs go.
      I was a CT once, opened the door and got HS before the door was even open all the way. 2nd CT comes up and his lifeless corpse falls on top of mine from the exact same reason.
      If the CTs move in mass and toss in a ton of nads, hard to keep them out.

      If I was CT, I'd make sure that door got opened. I would send just a couple at first. if that fails, then from then on send the whole team if needed. It is better to makes sure the door is opened and use up that 30-60 seconds to do it then to restrict yourself.

      As a T, I'd get there as fast as I could. It is a tough job to get there before the CTs, but MAN UP AND DO IT!
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      Good luck getting rid of your disease. If you're infected, though, stay away--I can't afford to be a zombie right now.
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        Re: Artic Beta Tactics

        I'll list some of my favorite and most useful spots for the T's, while leaving out the most obvious spots(kitchen barricade, peaking through the windows, etc.)

        The lockerroom vents
        Open both the entance and exit of the vent, and sit in there watching the backway. Few people have the reflexes to hit you before you hit them, especially if they don't know you are there. If the hostages are being rescued, drop into the lockerroom and cut them off.

        The lockerroom window
        Sitting by the window, you have a clear view of the door opposite to you, so anyone peeking out should get some hot lead in the face. However, the spot offers few other entrances to cover, and you are vulnerable to anyone coming through the back way.

        The backway vents
        It's probably the best spot to cover the other entrance to the ice rooms, however, the spot becomes a bullet magnet once the vent is broken. If someone is watching the backway, you can cooperate with them to take out any unwelcome visitors coming that way.

        The keypad/control room
        I say let it be if no one spawns in there. I'd rather face them full forced coming through the back way than have someone injure a few of them and die there. However, if you spawn there, have one person spamming the use key on one side of the door, while another shoots anyone who shows up. Or, if you really want the screw with them, let them open the door once, kill anyone coming through and after that start closing it. They'll try to nade it, and if you're lucky you'll see a couple of them die as the nade bounces of the door that shoudln't be closing.

        Sniping the elevator
        One of the only ways to use a scout on the map, and you can use it effectively. Just sit at the bottom of the ramp watching the elevator. It's unexpected, and it works. Smokes might hinder you, but the moment they move through, you can hit them.

        Sitting on the couch
        Near the light switch to the kitchen, there are a bounch of armchairs and a couch. Sit on one of them, to give you enough height to see into the hostie room across the main room. From here you can actually cover every hostie except the bathroom one, and you can see anyone coming from above you before they see you. Not all that usefull mid game, but I like to use it when I'm one of the last ones alive against a couple of opponents, it really covers as much as possible without leaving many spots vulnerable. It's probably the best choice for a last ditch attempt to win.

        The Disciple maneuver
        I word of warning before I detail this, don't use it unless you are Disciple, it won't work. Now that that's out of the way, go straight to sit on the elevator. All you have to do is wait for them to bring the elevator up. Pop out to shoot the unsuspecting CT's in the face. Good for the surprise value and a few laughs.




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