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  • cs_apartments defensive strategy

    So there was a debate today between alaskan grown and myself in apartments when I was in the garage using it as a pinch point when my team informed me alaskan was by the white truck fenced area. I pushed all the way up to the CT side opening of garage but never stepped out. We had a talk and told our points so we decided we should bring it to the forums. Alaskan says its not guarding the hostages and against the SOPS and I say its a valuable pinch point for the Terrorists trying to hold off the hostages. Opinions please?

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    Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

    You are right. If an area is considered a choke point to prevent the opposition from proceeding then you are protecting the hostages. The SOPs state that choke points can be used to secure the objective. Also keep in mind that your team knows where you are and that you can fall back when the time is needed. As for where you were in the garage many people have been in there myself included and no one has had a problem with it. Saying where you were is wrong is like saying the entrance to the tunnel on italy tactik is also wrong.

    You dont need to be near the hostages to play the objective.
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      Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

      I go into the garage and hang right up against the wall so that as someone enters I have a side shot as they enter the garage. I have even stepped out just enough to fire at someone who was shooting up through that gate toward other Ts. That might have been too far, I dont know. But I was eliminating contacts given to me by team mates. I don't even think I killed them, just pulled back into the garage.

      The garage is a good place to hold, but you can't do it regularly. You need to move around and keep different locations, even if in a small area so they aren't used to a consistant point of resistance.

      In garage on each side of CT entrance.
      In garage behind a car
      Just outside of the door from the garage into that T spawn courtyard.
      In windows looking down through door to garage.

      Now, if you were out of the garage, turn right and be way up by that garagy area right up against CT spawn... no way.

      Chokepoints can be taken too far. One could use that to argue rushing to the CT spawn. After all, there are only 2 ways out of the CT spawn. (granted, they get out faster then you can get there, but I think you get my point).

      Communication with team.
      Make sure your overall plan is good. If you pushing out to garage leaves a lot of other areas open, better to pull back to hostages.
      Make sure you are defending the hostage - the are you are guarding should be toward the goal of defending hostage/bomb route. YYou shouldn't be up in a random spot just hoping to kill. If your view is "killing off enemy IS defending the site" then you are in the wrong. Sometimes just slowing them down is defending, as it allows team mates to redeploy and assist. USUALLY falling back, flashing, smoking, suppressive fire, delaying and REPORTING is more important than getting a kill and then dying.
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        Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

        thank you for your opinions


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          Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

          Thank you Skylark good statements there.

          Yeah if your in the hall on Italy and your the last guy with a chance to get back to the hostages then you are wrong. Thats the same with apartments garage.

          If middle courtyard goes down not only can CT get into that entrance quickly for hostages but you can be flanked from Archway and Laundry.

          This may sound silly having backup in the window from back courtyard but this is a very fast map and you can get taking down fast. Think about garage second to hostages.

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            Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

            I didn't even have to type that one out, thanks skylark!

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              Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

              This was an issue to me at the time because i thought someone ran outside of it to chase me as i was entring the CT spawn.
              I was running away and out of view of the garage doorway unless the person was, imho at the time, outside.
              Only till once I was at the far left side of the white box van, the left side of it (notice the angle it is to the garage doorway next time you play like (/) to this(|), was I not being hit anymore.

              I talked with Bandi about this in msnger and he said he never went outside. I did not even know it was him, just assumed it was another person on his team that did it. There were two ppl in the garage.

              I just think that if that person was outside it was a bit much. Chasing me towards spawn by stepping out to take that backshot to kill me while i retreat is a easy thing to do, but when is that just to much of a chase?

              Skylark said "being where i was was, at the CT garage exit, to far off objective".

              Can this be thought on since more information has been brought to the table;

              What about stepping out of a doorway considered to be the objective limit based on the fact that the CT spawn exit can be viewed from that position?

              I specify CT spawn because the SOP states that the "Terrorists are on DEFENSE on cs_maps and should NOT have an offensive strategy in mind..." (1)

              A lot of maps where this situation could be addressed with a full response imho.

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                Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

                Originally posted by akfree View Post

                What about stepping out of a doorway considered to be the objective limit based on the fact that the CT spawn exit can be viewed from that position?
                That would be very hard to enforce because some maps, like de_devious, you can see their spawn from a bombsite (Looking down into the boxes)

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                  Re: cs_apartments defensive strategy

                  Well again if hes in that garage alone when his team is dead or calling for help hes in trouble.

                  Another example is Sidewalk the map. Once that timer hits zero if your still planning your whole team better scoot over or the CT that gets the roof over looking street and B bomb site is gonna kill your whole team.

                  Same on Meatfactory street. You still have to defend and be ready for anything. Can't say thees limits with this kind of play.

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