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Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

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  • Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

    I play well at TF2, BF2, CoD4, ETQW, and games like that. However, I suck absolute C**k at CS. I've read all the tactics (So I know that you burst fire and stuff), I've talked to people who know how to play, I've read weapon guides, but whenever I start playing, I'm inevitably the first to die on my team.

    Why is this? HELP ME!

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    Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

    Play defensive and watch your game change. Always be on guard even if your the aggressor. Stick to the plan. Stay with team. Well used and listened to comms will make you also better.



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      Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

      CSS has one of the steepest learning curves of any game I've played. A lot of it comes by instinct to me, at least. I don't consciously decide when to spray, when to burst and when to single-fire. Sometimes I'll walk, sometimes I'll run, sometimes I'll crouch, sometimes I'll strafe. It all depends on the situation.

      Another thing is shooting. With other games, your accuracy won't vary as much with the same weapon. Take the AK as an example. This gun equals the Scout on accuracy, at least while crouched. However, if you decide to spray and aim for the head, there's a good chance you won't hit anything even at mid-range. It's one of the most accurate and inaccurate guns in the game at the same time. I'd suggest a SMG or shotty for most situations, they are closest to the guns in the games you've played, and don't require as much aiming and you can spray or simply shoot with them while moving with less fall off in accuracy.

      I'd also like to point out the weapons. "Pros" play with what, 5 weapons? All of the weapons can kill, but it's good to keep in mind that some guns are so ridicilously underpowered and inaccurate that you can empty the whole clip and the enemy won't even notice he's being shot at(I'm looking at the glock.) I personally go with a shotty and a deagle as my budget weapons, MP5/P90 for maps or plans that require lots of mid/close range combat, and the M4/AK for long ranges. The m246 is good for certain defensive situations, and sometimes it's fun for a rush. UMP has a slow rate of fire, and it's different to control than most guns, so some like it. The P226 is a great pistol as well. The rest, well, I rarely use them, for a reason. The TMP and MAC work for rushes, but I'm not a fan.

      You also need to adjust your gamestyle. All those games you listed have respawns, which inevitably leads to taking risks. In CSS, you die, and you're out. You have to balance it out, is it worth it to take a risk and maybe have your team loose a valuable player just to have the chance to take out a couple of enemies. Sometimes, it's simply better cut your losses and run to come from a different angle instead of standing and fighting to the last man.

      The most important part, to me, is using your team. Without respawns, you have to be careful of what you do. Every single member of your team should be a part of your plans. It's kind of like chess: sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot for victory, but generally it's better not to risk your assets. CSS at Tactical Gamer, in my opinion, is one of the most tactically challenging games. It's all about quick reactions to surprising events. You won't survive long if you can't adapt at a moments notice.


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        Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

        Wow, that was a longer response than I expected, but thanks. It'll really help.


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          Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

          aim for their feet. Aim for their feet and you will get head shots everytime.
          that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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            Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

            Both responses are great. Now for my anecdotal 2 cents.

            When I first played CS I was shocked at my inability to stand a chance. Most of the time when I pick up a new game, I do at least okay, but the reason why CS still stands out amongst its competition is that it is truly unique. The combination of player mobility/deadliness and also vulnerability makes it extremely split-second-live-or-die'ish. No one plays the same; some are devout snipers, some like a nice AK47 (sign me up), and some are grenade experts. However, the most important aspect of any combat is choosing your fight, and where it will take place. That is how *I* keep alive, because as I get into my late twenties my reflexes and manual precision isn't quite what it was when I was 16. Some quick guidelines on the aes0p r0ck playbook ^^.

            1) First thing I do each round is look at my money, look at my team's equipment, consider our mission, and buy (or not buy) accordingly. If you can get good with a glock or a USP, you will find your money problems gone forever. It only takes 1 round surviving without spending money (and hopefully picking up a more preferable weapon) to get WAY ahead in $. EDIT: Always buy a kit. Especially when you're VIP. ;)

            2) Plan your personal tactics based on your weapon. This means find a weapon that seems good and practical, and LEARN it. All the weapons act much differently from each other. You have the most freedom to choose when you are defending or on a CS_ map as CT. ie. If you have a glock, always make sure you're in close range (when you expect them to discover you) and become mobile at first contact.

            3) Learn the map. For a beginner this is probably the number one downfall playing against people who are experienced. An experienced player has been shot and killed from every imaginable hiding spot, and most of them will remember it and have their xhairs trained on that spot before even moving around a corner. If your opponent knows the map, and you don't, you better be about 4x better than they are at aiming and reacting. Remember that on most servers, when you're dead you can free-roam and get your learn on.

            4) Always consider your team. I find the radar rather difficult to read in most situations because of its location and other factors. However, when you KNOW THE MAP and your teammates are communicating, then everyone should have at least a rough idea of where a teammate was when they died, and more importantly, where the enemy was who killed him. Play to supplement your team's play. If you notice your teammate covering a firing angle, ask yourself how to expand that advantage. Can you move up (out of team's line of fire) and give support with a grenade or flashbang? Can you possibly cover their flank? **ALWAYS KEEP A COUPLE FEET FROM AN ENGAGED TEAMMATE** that means that if they are firing at an enemy through an archway, and theres not enough room for 2 "layers" of strafing, just wait. Give them space. If you crowd them chances are very good that at some point they will try to move through you, get stuck, and you will have gotten you both killed. Similarly if you see a teammate backing out of a room, and you don't know why.. don't wait to find out, just back up and give them the benefit of the doubt. Traffic jams are how whole teams get wiped.

            Well, there's lots more but here's just a few pointers. In CS, smarts are about equal to skills, and the smarts has no "cap". Personally, I hit my skill cap years ago and it has been deteriorating ever since, so I just work on smarts now. ^^

            ADDENDUM: The Glock

            Ahh, the glock. Far and away the most underrated gun in CS(S). The average player will note its extreme lack of effect from anything past 20 yards and write it off as useless, not really giving it a fair shake. Well, I'm here to set the record straight! :)

            Let's look at facts:

            Very low damage (must hit head to do any real damage)
            Very short range

            1) The type of bullet it uses has a higher stopping power (this is true about the MP5 also) than any other pistol except possibly deagle. By stopping power I mean the ability to make a player move slowly because they are being shot, setting up an easy headshot. Use this to immobilize your target long enough to use the.....
            2) Large magazine: 20 bullets will mean that you can spam as many shots as you want at their center mass to pin them down before going for the kill. They will have had to reload at least once by now.
            3) Extremely good control: Your bullets will always hit very close to where you aimed anywhere below 20' regardless of if you are strafing or firing quickly. Use this flexibility to your advantage.
            4) Very quiet: If someone is in the next room they're going to hear you, but if they're further than that, they will have a hard time determining the exact location of your glock.
            5) Free

            My advice to people is to get good with semi-auto, because I have never been able to see the same results with burst. Burst is slow, inaccurate, weak, and unwieldy. Good luck!
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              Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

              I know it's not tactics but it also helps having a good Gaming rig with at least 70+ FPS /gaming usb mouse/and good latency to the server ie no choke/loss.


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                Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                Nice job there Aesop. I'd just like to add one thing. Don't stress about it. You'll learn all of this, wether you remember this or not. It generally comes with experience. Some pick this game up fast, others slower. Me, it took me 2 months to consistently get a kdr of 1:10, no joke. I remember going whole rounds pointless.


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                  Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                  just remember that every team needs good communication and teamwork and everything else will fall into place.

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                    Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                    I find the most imprtant thing for me is knowing the maps, I am acturaly not that great a shot on this game however due to my knowledge of the maps (I am good with maps in real life also) I find that I can easily think of ways around a situation if I come up against a tough defence in one spot, be patient and know the map and you will find the game alot easier.

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                      Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                      Learn the recoil and learn to remember movements. Because CSS depends on strafe to actually make yourself avoidable, a lot of the same people have a uniqueness to them that is easy to identify and anticipate.

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                        Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                        I'll give ya alittle history with me and Terrorist weapons. I don't use anything other than Duelies and nades. Not for the cool factor either, I found that as a T, it was my most accurate weapon. Some of you laugh, but I've long shot snipers with it, out gunned a M4 at close range, and my team always know's if I'm engaged. This is because there's nothing else that sounds like the duelie's. As a CT, M4 is prolly my best weapon for accuarcy. It took alot of gameplay to determine that though. Duelies rapid fire shoot about a half a person higher, so I aim about a half a person below the targets feet. This is at ranges of the House to Apartments on Italy. The first shot, crouched, is by far the most accurate, meaning that, if I target the head the bullet will strike the head, even at long range, don't know why. This is how I can take out snipers, I know where they are going to be, and at what height their heads at when they crouch around a corner. In the end find the weapon on each side that you find to be the most acurate with and stick with them, change it up once and awhile to elieviate boredem.


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                          Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                          I either buy an M4/AK or Deagle or i stick with the default pistol. Most people will tell you those are the most well rounded weapons and I tend to agree. Personally, I think aiming at the feet is a bad idea. If you are not moving then the first shot with either M4/AK will be dead on, next few shots are going to be very close. After that its time to back out, going into a full out spray with any gun is almost always a bad choice. Never back yourself into a corner if you can help it, always leave a way out if you get flashed, naded, pushed, etc.

                          Being 'good' in the TG server is different then being 'good' in a pub or in a scrim. Mods have a big effect in TG along with how other people are playing. You can go to a pub and run all you want and it wont really make a difference because everyone is running. In TG you will be heard and most of the people know these maps well enough that they can tell which hallway you are running in, how many people are running, and when you are going to come around the corner. Strategy in a pub server doesn't happen, ever, here its required and makes more of a difference then having the best shot.

                          Knowing the maps is a big part of CSS also. When your dead fly around and find where the other team is playing, how you can flash them, nade them, or get around them. You can also create your own server (take the bots out) and just run around on the map to get a feel for it.

                          If you haven't already then you should read the stickies in this forum to help learn more about being successful in the TG server.


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                            Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                            I still can't hit much on CSS, but i feel i learn something all the time when i get on. But as Disciple says, knowing the maps is even more important than the weapons!

                            But hey, if there was ever a time i wanted a TGU class in something, it's CSS and this shouting business. Seriously.


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                              Re: Can anyone explain why I suck so much at this game?

                              Originally posted by Disciple View Post
                              .. I am acturaly not that great a shot on this game ...
                              Huh? Maybe not the best, but you're definitely top 5 on the server that I know of. With you on the oposite team, we all die if we don't avoid the long range entrances like the plague.




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