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DE Maps ... Should CTs Split Up Or Not?

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  • DE Maps ... Should CTs Split Up Or Not?

    I was trying a tactic the other night and I wanted some input from some of you more experienced players out there. Seems to me that, if the T's play correctly, CT's will always be double teamed on DE maps since you need to split to cover both sites. We were having 1 CT hide at each bomb site with the rest of the team waiting in between both sites. When the scouts knew which way the T's were heading, we would all take off to that site. It seemed to work best when the scouts would wait to engage till the team got there.

    Does this seem sound? We never had more than 4 people per side when we were doing this.

    Your 2 cents would be appreciated, but sorry I cannot make change.

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    Re: DE Maps ... Should CTs Split Up Or Not?

    Well, it's a team decision that should be made when it comes up. In general, I'd say once you get more players on the server you lose valuable choke points by letting Ts get to the site. Then, by the time you meet, it's very likely the bomb was planted and the Ts formed up a defensive position.

    Take Aztec, for example. If you send out only scouts you won't be able to move to A or B in time with out losing a grip on double doors or the bridge. Then, there's always the water that can have Ts coming in and further throwing the CTs into disarray.

    The current tactic of splitting up (hopefully even) and taking control of choke points at/before the bombsites then adjusting to A or B as needed is fine. Then again, I've seen the whole squad at one site get wiped out then it's me and two others left to "save the day". So, your idea has its place, especially on de_inferno (where this always happens).


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      Re: DE Maps ... Should CTs Split Up Or Not?

      I've honestly come to feel sorry for people I play against on de_inferno. I always go to one site and send the rest of my team to the other. I've been playing that map for so long that I've become accustom to the spots and cut off points.

      As far as the splitting up goes. Actually, I don't even send scouts. Normally, if I have a team, I split them up half and half at the middle. There is ALWAYS more than 1 entrance to a site. One team goes forward and distracts as the other team comes around back and dominates. Bomb has been defused = teh win! YAY!

      It all just depends on the team you have in front of you and what you decide to do with them...

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