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  • Jungle Tactics

    Let's get this discussion going because ct's need the help in this map.

    Couple things that are a little unknown.
    The water is your friend, If you walk in the water you will be silent in it. If you run in the water it will make splashing footstep sounds. You can hold your breath for an amazing 15 seconds. Wyz can that be changed serverside?

    The water can provide very good cover, not to mention it diverts the enemies fire. You can also hide under the water and see pretty clearly out of it. You can shoot like that too. Seeing into the water is much more difficult.

    The drop at the waterfall. If you drop down from the waterfall be sure to hold the back step key when you do. This will hug you to the side of the mountain and you'll slide rather than just drop flat.

    A good force going in the lake direction can hold that position rather well and divert the enemies attention, so that the other routes will be more successful.

    The hut in the back corner that lies on the lake side is very easy to get to. If a team of 3-4 were to take control of that hut, the possibilities are endless for success.

    please feel free to contribute!

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    Re: Jungle Tactics

    Hmmmm Jungle.... I would have to say as a CT that a good strat as a team would definitly smoke and more smoke.

    First off if you smoke the area right after the lake (relatively small path that connects lake and terrorist side) you can rush over the hill to the back hut = nice place to get to! Remember to WATCH OUT FOR NADES! I would probably wait a minute before proceding from the hut or the initial rush.

    This can also be done for the exit for the temple to the jungle. Just remember that nades there can be deadly if you bunch up. I would probably have a guy from waterfall nade, flash, and smoke the area safely (preferible snipe anyone there if at all posible).

    For T's just make good use of cover! Also if you want to do something dangerous but damaging to the other team rush the temple and nade the water they come down (do it with two or three guys to automatically kill all the cts there).

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      Re: Jungle Tactics

      Okay, a technique that works really well is a shotgun rush straight down the waterfall. If you sniper, the t's will outsnipe you. If you make your way slowly, you will die from the well hidden t's. But if everyone gets a shotty, and runs out the waterfall (i mean EVERYONE! No lake snipers or tunnelers!), a few go right and secure t side lake, a few go left and secure the tunnels through the ladder, and the 1st 2 meet up to take hut 2. Ive done the rush and left thing by myself several times, and quite often i get 1 or 2 kills. by myself. and the person that killed me is not unscathed.


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        Re: Jungle Tactics

        I find that the slow and stealthy approach works well on this map, particularly if the CT's move in from all sides. Someone without an unzoomed weapon is pretty blind because it's so damn hard to see, and a person with a zoomed weapon is blinkered.

        The downside to this method is that if the T's can secure the tunnels, they can move up behind the CT's, and then either move past waterfall towards lake and round to the back hostage hut, or they can take up position in the middle near the big boxes and call targets for the rest of the team.

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          Re: Jungle Tactics

          yea stealth is awesome on this map, scout/knife is awesome here because theres so much cover and its a pretty decent sized map. As a t i usually watch over lake, and u can snipe out the cts as there coming, and can fall back relatively easily. Also you can watch the waterfall from the ditch thing in the middle by that hill thing. Works best with an AK/Colt. As ct, i'll take my time and catch T's looking the other way and kill em, usually they go to the same general spots every time so you'll wanna switch the ways ur going.
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