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Server Rules for Red Orchestra 2 at TG

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  • Server Rules for Red Orchestra 2 at TG

    Welcome to TG! The only place you will want to play for teamwork and cooperative gaming!

    This thread is designed to help all new players get over the hurdles of joining a new community and expedite their fitting with our style of play. Below are the server rules, followed by answers to common questions asked in our forums. This is the first place you should check before posting a new question!

    Server Rules
    These rules were created to achieve the goals laid out by TacticalGamer's Primer. We strive to have server environment where there is mutual respect between fellow gamers; where the focus of play is not solely on doing what it takes to win - but rather winning through the use of superior real-world combat strategy and tactics.

    At Tactical Gamer, we also strive to create an immersive game environment. In Red Orchestra 2, this simply means playing as if you are a real soldier in appropriately historical military engaged in a conventional war. Some rules are in place prohibit actions that would be out of place in this setting, such as bunnyhopping. Other rules exist to encourage sportsmanship and fair-play - while certain tactics may be effective in a win-at-all-costs environment, those same tactics can ruin the enjoyment for the majority of players on the server.

    1) No Bunnyhopping
    Bunnyhopping is a term we use to describe ANY jumping that you wouldn't see in real-world combat. Examples of actions that are FORBIDDEN: jumping to avoid incoming fire, jumping to make yourself a more difficult to hit target, or jumping to avoid damage from your own weapon (firing grenade launcher down at the ground, e.g.)

    2) No Spawn Camping
    Spawn camping is a premeditated act that takes advantage of a newly spawned player's lack of situational awareness. (This is not to be confused with spawn killing. In Red Orchestra 2, you chose where you deploy. If you chose to deploy to a contested area, you should not be surprised if you are killed the moment you spawn.)

    3) No Suicide Tactics
    Red Orchestra 2 depicts a conventional war between armies armed with weapons appropriate to the time period. Soldier lives are precious, and any action that does not place a high value on one's life is forbidden. This includes tactics such as explosives laden vehicles, intentionally ramming vehicles, and the like.

    4) All players must actively participate in a squad
    TacticalGamer servers are exclusively for players interested in tight, squad-based, vocal teamwork. Joining a squad, while required, is not enough; all players must actively contribute to the squad's objective. A full squad with players spread out all over the map, doing unrelated things is not 'teamwork'. Default squad voip key in game is 'P'.

    5) Follow the chain of command
    All players must follow the chain of command in Red Orchestra 2, this means that Squad Leaders follow Commanders orders, Squad Members follow Squad Leaders orders. This helps keep tight coordinated teamwork.
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