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[TW]Yoshiro - What's been done to maps rotated out of beta

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  • [TW]Yoshiro - What's been done to maps rotated out of beta

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    Maps- And what the LD team has done with them since the start of the beta
    posted by [TW]Yoshiro @ 11:59AM on September 09, 2011
    So a lot of you are probably wondering what has happened to all the maps that have been in the beta so far and what's been done to them.

    We haven't been updating the maps in the beta but just swapping them out for new ones to test - with the exception of Gumrak. We'll, here's the list of major changes to the maps no longer in the beta.


    Move Allied spawn protection to be flush with the first set of objectives so the Germans can no longer get into the ravine and exit camp.
    Allied forward spawn is moved closer to the cover so it cannot be seen from the 3 story windows across from it
    Updated spawn protection warning times
    Increased spawn on squad leader radius
    Fixed Propaganda House objective overhead image for 16 players
    Fixed various covernode issues


    Fixed recon plan not being able to be recalled multiple times
    Reduced spawn protection times and fixed damage types
    Fixed an issue where three spawns would show up for Germans
    Lowered reinforcements for both teams (64 player version)
    Spawn protection will no longer effect people who were attacking and objective and the objective is no longer active
    Fixed various covernode issues

    Fallen Fighters

    Reduced spawn protection times
    Add volumes to prevent tanks from getting stuck in some locations
    Fixed various covernode issues
    Fixed a few locations where players would get stuck

    Grain Elevator

    Moved Conveyor Tower objective towards Germans
    Allied reinforcements properly get reset from 0 on round restart
    Added fixed MGs for the germans that are pointed at the Grain Elevator
    Artillery that hits the Grain Elevator building new properly suppresses players that are near the explosion
    Germans now correctly get two spawn locations to choose from when attacking the Conveyor Tower
    Decreased respawn time for Germans
    Increased German reinforcement amount for 64 players
    Decreased Allied reinforcement amount for 64 players
    Fixed Allied spawn moving forward when the Allies recaptured the Conveyor Tower
    Fixed map boundary excluding an unintended area in Fire Fight
    Fixed various covernode issues


    Moved German spawns away from the initial objectives
    Increased resupply times to 2 minutes
    Destructible trees are easier to knock over

    Red October Factory

    Fixed Allied tanks not being able to spawn properly
    Fixed tank spawns that weren't working
    Increased Allies reinforcements for 64 players
    Fixed a window in the welding shed that when destroyed could not be passed through
    Increased objective volume for the 1st objective to be easy to capture
    Destructible trees are easier to knock over
    Fixed recon plan not being able to be recalled multiple times
    Fixed a few locations were players could get stuck
    Fixed various covernode issues

    I'll update this list as we update the current maps in the beta. One issue we're currently addressing is the performance on Pavlov's House.


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    Re: [TW]Yoshiro - What's been done to maps rotated out of beta

    Sounds like some good changes to the previous set of maps.




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