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  • Let's Knock This Outta the Park!

    Before I cut into the meat of this subject, I feel I should share the gaming experience I had last night (Sept. 29th). From a disappointing start to a victorious end. And, by the way: this post is directed at the entire RO2 community: from community members to SM's, to the game admins and up the TG ranks.

    I have to admit that last nights games were the most enjoyable I've had as a SL in RO2, bar none. Especially the last map of the night for me: Commissar's House. My squad (even some of the guest players!) were using comms, following orders, and just plain kicking butt. Through the use of exceptional comms and teamwork, my squad and I helped to ensure the victory of the Allies over the Axis. But, I think I have put the cart in front of the horse. Let's rewind a bit, to the start of the match on Commissar's House:

    After the map loads, I attempt to grab the 3rd Squad Leader position, only to find that a guest player has beat me to the punch. I also see that guest players have taken most, if not all, of the SL positions and I decide to see how this plays out before I put my "rage face" on. The pre-round timer counts down to 0, we gain control of our characters and the game is On. I look around, find the SL and move to follow him. After a minute or so, I notice that the SL has placed no orders, has not communicated with the squad, and is nowhere near an objective. I started asking in squad VoIP, squad text chat, and the Communications Widget for some orders from the SL and got no reply. At this point, I can feel the rage starting to build, the frustration of having a completely un-tactical experience on a Tactical Gamer server. Instead of trying to make the best out of a crappy situation, I decide to don my admin hat and show it off a bit to this non-leading guest-squad-leader.

    I inform the SL that I am an administrator on this server. I also inform him that teamwork is REQUIRED here and he had better start leading the squad, or face the consequences. Still no response from him. Since I have warned him at this point, I escalate to informing the SL that I will kick him from the server if he does not start using the SL position properly (ie. coming up with a strategy, issuing orders, etc). I then notice that he has vacated the SL position and I quickly grab it, ensuring that at least one squad will be on objective.

    The moral of this story is mostly for the RO2 admins (as long as our beloved GO, Damonte does not object): Demand teamwork from our guest players. It is well within our purview to warn/kick players that are not playing the objective, not following orders, or taking a class solely for the weapon, as evidenced by Rule #4 in the Server Rules for Red Orchestra 2 at TG. We have the ruleset in place, let's start using it and ensure a TG experience on the TG server! And, to those that are not RO2 admins: Let an admin know when a guest player is not using his/her role properly so that we can investigate and take the appropriate action. (Yes, we admins may grumble a little, but, it's a job we have volunteered for and we will carry out our duties)

    Now, for the steak of this post and the reason I've chosen the title I did.

    We are Tactical Gamer members. We have joined this community for the talking teamwork, the tactics and the strategy. And, when the server is only populated by TG members, we get the talking teamwork, tactics and strategy. But, when we throw in a good number of guest players, things seem to go down hill and rather quickly at that. I propose that we do our best (all of us!) to make sure that the Tactical Gamer RO2 server is the place where teamwork and tactics are the norm, even with a large guest player population. You might now be asking yourself, "What can I do to help achieve this?". Well, I have some suggestions to put forth to the community. And as always, I welcome any discussion of and/or constructive criticism to my suggestions.

    1. Let's resurrect the "Learn TG" mentality that was once prevalent in the TG community. Not only to teach our guest players how to play the TG way, but, for all of us to be more TG. What I mean by that statement is this: Step up and lead! I've seen too many times that TG members avoid leading and we end up with non-teamwork oriented guest players taking the SL role just for the weapons. Adopting this mentality may push some of us out of our comfort zones but, and I can say this from personal experience, the rewards and the satisfaction are well worth it! Allow me use myself as an example:

    When I joined the Call of Duty community here at Tactical Gamer back in 2008, I was more of a brave than a chief. I didn't want the responsibility of leading my fellow community members. I also didn't want to do poorly and face the possibility that no-one would want me to be a team leader/Captain or, worse yet, that I would be ridiculed by the community. Then I met someone who has become a very good friend and the community member that I most consider to be my mentor and tutor (although he is most likely not aware of this. Well, until now, that is): P.Drona. He taught me, in his quiet, unassuming way, and through many matches of following his leadership, that winning isn't the point of playing at Tactical Gamer (because, at that point in my time at TG, winning was everything). It's how you play the game. How you adapt and overcome. That you, at least, try. And I've been trying to follow Drona's example (well, minus the quiet part ;)) since then. I tried leading the team and, much to my surprise, found that I really enjoyed it.. and, I wasn't all that bad.

    The point is this: you don't have to fear a leadership role or fear that the community will mock you if you fail. All you have to do is try! And the community will back you up, 100%. I know that not everyone is cut out for a leadership role but, to implement the Learn TG mentality, we need TG members in the leadership roles. So, take a chance.. take on the Commander or a Squad Leader role. You just might be shocked at how fun it is and, with a little experience, you might find that you're pretty good at it too!

    2. Engage our guest players! I feel that regardless of your position in a squad or your position at TG, if you see a guest player (or even a community member for that matter) not on objective or not helping the team, it is your responsibility as a TG member to try and get them to play as a team member. I've had some success by calling the guest player's name and asking them to stick close to me, that I need their help on a particular task (Player X, cover me as I cross the road, then I'll cover you as you cross!) or to help take/defend an objective (Player Y, I need your help to keep them dirty Nazi's from taking Objective C!). Generally, when you personalize your request by using the players name, treat them with some measure of respect, make them feel that they are doing something useful and that they are needed, they will comply and hop on board the teamwork train. If, after a couple attempts, the guest player still doesn't seem interested in the team or objectives, inform an admin, as I said earlier in this post, so that we can take care of the problem. In the end, the amount of teamwork seen on the TG server is directly proportional to the amount of effort that we, as Tactical Gamer Community Members, put forth.

    3. Continue learning! If you are interested in a leadership role in the game, want to learn about a feature of the game, or feel that you could learn to be a better team player, feel free to ask! Or, you could follow the route I did and secretly pick a community member that you respect and learn from his example. The main thing to remember concerning this is: You are never finished learning and there is always someone around that can teach you something new, knowingly or not.

    4. This is not so much a suggestion as it is the hoped for end product of the suggestions listed above. If we are able to start teaching the TG way of play to our guest players and if we are able to get them to see that playing as a team is rewarding and fun, we can expect to grow the ranks of the TG RO2 community. This should lead to a server that is fuller and populated for a longer period of time with tactically teamwork minded players. And heck, it might even net us a few more Supporting Members that'll help pay the bills of this great community.

    Closing statement:

    With my earlier claim, that last nights games were the best I've had on the TG server in mind, I think we can do better. Much better. Perhaps my suggestions are the way to achieve that lofty goal. Perhaps you have a better suggestion? Perhaps if we all pull together, I think we can knock this sucker outta the park and have the best tactical and teamwork oriented RO2 server on the freaking planet!

    What say you?


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    Re: Let's Knock This Outta the Park!

    For anyone new to TG or who hasn't been around the CoD division, this man knows what he's talking about. Thanks mate, as I at least noticed a couple of things I need to do better because of this thread.

    I'd give you +rep MK, but apparently the reputation system hates me ;) So as always, much respect.

    "Over the din of battle could be heard Lancerís maniacal laughter and it spurned us on to stay the course, not to give up, and enjoy." - Grimmfist


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      Re: Let's Knock This Outta the Park!

      +rep from me.

      I'm in absolute agreement with the sentiments posted in the OP and am more than happy to use the tools at our disposal now that VOIP is functional.
      Forewarned is Forearmed


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        Re: Let's Knock This Outta the Park!

        I already knocked out about 90% of my fall "to do" chores the past couple weeks while the weather was nice.

        I should be playing a bit more the next few days, and then quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday. Plan on SL'ing the majority of time, and would like to coordinate with other TG SL's and commanders.

        Heck, if I assemble a decent squad we might even try a little fireteam action!


        Look at the scoreboard to see what fireteam you are in (it will be listed next to your name - also note who else is in your fireteam and stick with them!).

        SL can select individual fireteams, or entire squad and then put move/defend markers down.

        Hit "tactical view" ("T" by default but I've personally remapped it) as a squad member to see where SL is ordering you to move. You also see your SL's position and distance when pulling up tactical view.

        This game has a lot of potential, and I feel we've just scratched the surface...


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          Re: Let's Knock This Outta the Park!

          Originally posted by Coridon View Post
          I should be playing a bit more the next few days, and then quite a bit on Saturday and Sunday. Plan on SL'ing the majority of time, and would like to coordinate with other TG SL's and commanders.
          Learned tonight this really doesn't work since we have a 40 player cap on the server.

          Squad #1 will fill up (9 + 1 SL; that's half the team!)
          Approximately 7 positions will fill up based on picking kits, tanking, choosing CO, or SL.
          That leaves about 2 riflemen to select joining Squad #2.

          Thus, no fireteams, and no real coordinating with the other squads since the squad itself is too understaffed to be combat effective.




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