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  • [GUIDE] Station

    I finally remembered to grab a screen shot of the MP version of this map.

    Defenders (Allies):

    First and foremost, it is IMPERATIVE that all of the team is in the capture zone at the beginning of the round. The longer you can hold A, the better.

    I've noticed that the Axis generally attack the east side of the A objective, by piling up in the broken buildings at D7. Therefore, I order my squad to that side and to dig in, while I post up at the tower at D/E6, in cover to provide a spawn point. Having a deployed MG and the Riflemen in his fire team on the far eastern side of those buildings can stop the Axis advance in it's tracks. Unfortunately, I have never seen the Allies hold A for more than a few minutes.

    After A is captured by the enemy, I always had my squad defending the objectives in the eastern buildings. I mistakenly thought that the abundance of cover in the buildings would make it extremely difficult for the Axis to pry my squad out of that location. After many attempts at defending those buildings, I have come to the conclusion that there are just too many angles to cover, what with there being 3 floors up, a basement, countless windows and blown out walls. When we can actually get a good number of TG members on the server, I plan on changing up my tactics and defending the western side of this map. I think the longer lines of sight will allow for more use of the MG fire team and be easier to defend.

    Attackers (Axis):

    I rarely play the attackers on this map, so I have no tactical experience to draw upon. Perhaps you have a good strategy for attacking this map and could be persuaded to share with the rest of the class?


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    Re: Station

    As Axis, my preferred plan of attack is a hard and fast east side push as soon as the round starts, with most of the squad ending up on the Alpha cap zone around grid Delta 6.

    Once Alpha is captured, I prefer to push bravo first, then capture charlie. But I've seen the opposite order work effectively as well. The general idea is that above all else, the Axis must prevent the Allies from taking back Alpha. If the Allies recapture Alpha, the entire plan of attack usually falls apart and the Axis will lose. My logic is to keep the pressure hard on Bravo, forcing the Allies to defend it and thus keep them off Alpha. If the Bravo assault stalls, then shift a few people onto Charlie to capture it, and then collapse in on Bravo from the Western side.

    Once the second set of objectives are captured, then the Bravo team pushes Delta. Here I prefer to run along the 3rd floor above Delta. A squad can capture the objective from up there, provide suppression fire on Echo, and there are few ways for defenders to get up to that level. Echo can then be captured at your leisure. Once that is done, just keep pushing Foxtrot. The Allies spawn very far back from the objective, so if Axis can keep their Squad Leaders alive as respawn points they can flood the objective faster than the Allies can reinforce it.

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      Re: Station

      There are a few decent and underused firing lanes on the eastern side for defense - one from in or adjacent to the AA gun emplacement at D6 (which works equally well to put crossfire on the rush to B) and another location in the eastern window upstairs. Both can be effectively manned by a rifleman, although an MG works especially well from the AA sandbags.

      On the offensive side, I get the impression that either flank works about equally well (in the absence of tanks) as long as the allied team moves quickly. The D6 route is probably more forgiving for the allies due to the comparatively abundant cover.




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