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Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

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  • [AAR] Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

    Had some really exciting rounds Sunday. I think I played for six hours straight so my memory might be a little foggy...

    Played defense on Grain Elevator and we were rolled the first round but managed to hold onto C and win the second time through.

    On Spartanovka the Allies won both rounds of the match, but both came down to points, and one of them was an eight point difference! That's the closest I've seen yet.

    I usually see Axis winning Station but Allies put up a solid defense at B and Axis never made it past that CP. Some pretty fierce fighting going on there...

    Oh yeah, same thing at Pavlov's House. Came down to points! Allies won both rounds but the difference in points and reinforcements between the two teams was razor thin.

    We tried to get everyone on TS to go Allies on Commisar's House and Red October Factory. Though we lost both matches we were making progress but were foiled by the lockdown timer. Curse, you lockdown timer! ;)

    Thanks to everyone who showed up, and especially the guys who put up with me as SL. I tried to stay back and provide a spawn point, but sometimes even meeting all the listed criteria doesn't mean the squad can spawn (especially on Spartanovka!). GG's, all!

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    Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

    Absolutely. Coms were really good last night. The Spartanovka round was good, everyone was using doing what they were suppose to, coms were good, teamwork was working well. I think the first round was a close 6-7 point game, the second was still somewhat close at 60 points.

    Thanks for the good games, and appreciate you guys helping contribute to the teamwork, and the server seeding. I think we might just be getting some regulars coming back. :)


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      Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

      Aye, great game play tonight...except for when Coridon was hacking with his P-IV robo-gun. Otherwise, a blast! ;)


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        Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

        Originally posted by Makarov View Post
        Aye, great game play tonight...except for when Coridon was hacking with his P-IV robo-gun.
        Hey now, hey now! It's...true. Though in my defense watching the Russians run single file along the outside of the Univermag [?] looked awfully tempting to the coax MG on the main gun. Also, firing HE rounds into walls next to entire squads stacked up getting ready to storm into the CP proved equally devastating.

        Tuesday night had some fun with BigGayAl and Undead on the server. We were testing various things like bullet penetration. Around 2150 EDT the server population blew up, but I had to leave just a few minutes thereafter. Sorry to leave so abrubtly but my "it's time to leave NOW!!!" alarm was going off.

        Some interesting finds:

        1) Many floors are penetrable by small arms. So if you know that an enemy is typically at, say, the top of some stairs, you can get under the stairs and fire up towards their suspected location. We tried this at Propoganda House on Apartments, and then once the "real" gaming got underway Undead killed me from below five minutes into the round... :(

        2) Melee doesn't work on prone soldiers unless you are also prone. I even went rifleman and tried getting stabby while crouched, and it shows the animation and makes the noise, but no damage is done. So if you think you're being sneaky and creep up behind a prone soldier, either just shoot them or be sure and go prone yourself. Otherwise trying to melee them will just alert them to your presence.

        3) If you shoot at someone and your target is behind something solid your rounds can't penetrate (say, sandbags), they still become suppressed. It's a good way for the machine gunner to contribute on offense, I think.

        4) You can get multiple kills with one bullet. Undead and I lined up single file and Al shot us and we both fell over.

        What else did we figure out, besides shooting each other with pistols at 120 meters? ;)

        It was fun, and then suddenly there were six people on the server, then 10, then just a few minutes! So it's definitely not hard to get the server rolling with around six people.

        I did think of a few more things I want to test if we have some free time seeding the server in the future.

        1) How to cook Allied grenades. I still haven't figured this out.
        2) Tossing grenades underhanded down stairwells (so they fall to the bottom floor down the "shaft").
        3) Bullet penetration on staircase banisters. It seems weird because you can clearly see someone on the staircase but something is definitely happening with the banisters interfering.

        What else?


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          Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

          Man, I missed all the fun!

          Great finds on the bullet penetration and such, guys. As for the other things you'd like to test, keep your eyes peeled. The RO2 administration staff is working on an event that will have you drooling.



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            Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

            Coridon, to cook a Russian frag, while you are holding down the left-mouse button, click the middle mouse button and it will start to cook.


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              Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

              Ah, thanks, Makarov! I knew the general idea but wasn't certain of the order of things. I know I've tried it during a live game and just ended up rolling a live grenade into the middle of my own squad, shouting "run away, run awaaaaay!!".

              Oh yeah, thought of something else we tested but would like to test further. We used the "enemy spotted" button briefly, and it seems it only shows up on the expanded map for a second or two. Also, Undead displaced quickly after I "spotted" him and the exclamation mark didn't follow his movements (which we somewhat expected).

              I think I'd like to see if you spot someone if they immediately show up on the tactical view of things (distance, direction). Also if the distance to the enemy effects how long the exclamation mark remains.

              But if it still only shows up for a second or two it seems hardly worth the effort...


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                Re: Great games Sunday!! (16 October)

                Seconded on the good games! I had the same feeling. I think we've advanced the level of gameplay, measured against the primer, by leaps and bounds. I haven' seen or heard of anyone playing as we do with full squads using voip etc.

                Now a remark for future developement of the community:
                Now on this game, in absence of good coordination, it is so easy to let play devolve into wildly running out shooting for kills. I would like to reccomend to tg players, as a principle, never to join an un-lead squad. I sometimes see this, and it always hurts a bit. So I think if there are multiple tg guys on OUR server, they should always be leading a squad so pubbies can get a taste of our game. I don't want to force this on anyone, but I do enthousiastically suggest this to all our players and regulars. To me, an engaging SL exponentially increases the enjoyment of the game. In the end I kinda hate the gameplay on most servers where teamwork could be defined as "yelling at your SL about deploying smoke in the way you prefer.

                Another thing I would like to call attention to then:

                On granary in that round we defended c succesfully (ground floor), my MG was supereffective at stopping them, but only because I had a fireteam covering my flanks, the whole squad supplying me with ammo almost constantly, which was really needed so I could fire without saving ammo (and that staircase has penetratable walls :p.).
                So I would like to see experimentation with the idea of setting up a well supported mg (entire fireteam) to cut off an important avenue of attack, and then using the rest of the squad as a hole-plugging defense (requiring considerable teamwork; reporting the holes in the defense). A defensive position like this has an odd effect too; if you can defend it for a few minutes, you r squad gets what I would call a home turf advantage, because they know where exactly people are, they develop ad hoc naming conventions for that specific spot easing comms,... basically if you defend an area for a prolonged time, you get all kinds of effects that make it progressively easier to hold your ground.

                Well as a conclusion, thanks to our stil small community for already achieving coordination that is quite hard in this fast game. Mey we continue this leading in the future to epic battles with filled and respected chains of command.




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