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Oct. 21st Update

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  • Oct. 21st Update

    Saw this posted in the RO2 Steam group:

    October 21st Update Changelog
    posted by [TW]Yoshiro @ 03:16PM on October 21, 2011
    -Fixed a bug where when trying to switch the spectating view mode it would also switch the player being viewed
    -Fixed an issue with specating where you could go into locked third person view even when the specating was restricted to first person only. Should also fixed getting first person spectating views in vehicles
    -Fixed not being able to type in foreign languages

    Server Admins
    -Added functionality so that players that join as "Spectators Only" can have access to unrestricted views. This can be disabled by setting bLockTrueSpectatorsView=true in ROGame.ini
    -Added a new setting for use when the "Ready Up" system is enabled (for instance ready up is enabled by default for countdown) - bAllPlayersMustReadyUp which can be set in ROGame.ini. If true, all players must ready up to start a match (or the PreStartDuration counts down - note if PreStartDuration is 0 the match will never start till all players ready up with this set true).
    -Added the ability for the "Custom" game mode settings to allow the limiting of character class ranking, and the limiting of weapon progression

    Using these settings server admins running the Custom game mode setting can limit the maximum ranking levels which will limit class ability upgrades, weapon functionality upgrades, and weapon unlocks (such as the MkB42, AVT40, Semi Auto Sniper Rifles, etc). Setting MaxClassRank in ROGame.ini or in the webadmin to any value greater than zero will limit the class ranks to the specificed level. Valid override values are 1-5 (1 limiting to Raw Recruit, 5 limiting to Hero). Setting MaxWeaponProficiencyLevel in ROGame.ini or in the webadmin to any value greater than zero will limit the weapon proficiency upgrades to the specificed level. Valid override values are 1-51 (1 limiting to no weapon upgrading, 26 will limit the game to the first tier upgrades (PPSH drum mag, etc) but not allow further major upgrades). Note, these settings are only allowed in the Custom game mode setting and will take a server out of ranked status (since the server admin is essentially overriding the ranking system).

    SDK Functionality/Fixes

    -Disabled the steam game overlay for the editor. This was causing the editor to crash when launching through steam.
    -Fixed a crash compiling .uc files.

    To create a mutator or gametype mod use the UE3 process (same as UDK, UT3)
    1) Find RO2 in My Documents and place your .uc files in My Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Src\MyModName\Classes.
    2) Add ModPackages=MyModName to [ModPackages] in ROEditor.ini
    3) Run the game with ?Game=MyModName.MyGameType -useunpublished
    4) Publishing support is coming soon (note Mutators can be run offline, but aren't supported for servers yet)

    For more details on the new clan/server functionality please head to the forums:

    We are continuing to isolate performance hits and reduce our overall rendering thread bottleneck.
    Nothing too groundbreaking or exciting in this patch, although the first fix listed will eliminate one of my pet peeves.

    Even though I'm starting to sound like a broken record.. I love TWI. The fact that they've had around 8 updates/patches since the release of the game, proves they are committed to providing top notch support for their titles. Let's see one of the, supposed, triple A game devs rock it like Tripwire does.


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    Re: Oct. 21st Update

    Yeah, nothing too groundbreaking. I'd like to see the squad menu bug fixed, and also I've been having a bug lately where I click "fire" and my binoculars pop up, even though I haven't scrolled to them. Nothing like engaging in CQB swinging away with your binocs...har har har... :)


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      Re: Oct. 21st Update

      Man, that's a weird one Coridon..



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        Re: Oct. 21st Update

        Wow...........It is running like a dog for me now. Sure I am on the laptop, but I have run it on here on Ultra since launch without issue, now it is terrible. Any clues?




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