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Yoshiro's "What we are up to" post for February

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  • [INFO] Yoshiro's "What we are up to" post for February

    You can find the post here.

    Of particular interest is the section on "RO Classic". Along with changes in loadouts, weapon availability, and removal of the unlock system, there will be an attempt to capture the "feel" of RO1 with the following changes:

    Removal of peripheral action indicators
    Removal of spawn on Squad Leader
    Removal of the bleeding system (Player will always take 100% of the damage to an area on the shot and not half then bleed the rest out like in the current system)
    Players will have a movement speed penalty after being shot in the feet
    Stamina will have a much greater effect on weapon sway and recoil
    Stance will have an increased effect on weapon sway/recoil (with the default standing state having more sway then the current game modes)
    Removal of "controlled breathing" zoom, but retaining the functionality to help steady the weapon as well as the slight iron sight zoom
    Stamina will recharge at a slower rate
    No AI Tank Gunnery
    No Lockdown
    I am definitely looking forward to this!


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    I don't like the removal of squad leader spawn, controlled breathing zoom, or...maybe, sort of, bleed? Dunno. Torn on that one.
    The rest are all positives, though.

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