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  • [INFO] TWI - Refining the Game

    Since the developers at TWI have done an awesome job of cleaning up most of the bugs and performance issues, they are now working on refining the gameplay and game mechanics. For more information, read the following "What we are up to - Refinements" series, written by Yoshiro.

    Part 1

    Damage models, Lockdown, and Native Voices are discussed.

    Part 2

    Here, weapon level and unlocks, key binds, scoreboard, and server browser refinements are talked about. We are also told that the RO2 Beta is re-opening, to properly test these changes. I've already re-downloaded the beta client and am ready to help test.

    Part 3

    Part 3 is the final episode of the "What we are up to - Refinements" series of posts by Yoshiro. Squad and Tank UI, Peripheral Indicators, and Enemy spotted systems are the topics.

    Lastly, Yoshiro posted Meet Mamayev - The Level Designer edition of What we are up to!, where we are given a sneak peak at Tripwires soon to be released map, Mamayev. This map will focus on trench and bunker warfare and the players will be treated to infantry only combat at ranges of 150 -200 meters. We are also told that ranges of 400+ meters will be possible. So, if you can't stand the "run-n-gun" SMG players, this map will be the bee's knee's. Oh.. and if you weren't aware, the map will be free. That's right EA and Activision fans.. FREE.

    I am very excited by the changes proposed in the articles linked to above. I am also very excited to see that TWI is still listening to the community and addressing issues with the game play and game mechanics.


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    Re: TWI - Refining the Game

    Thanks for posting this. Somehow I'd missed some of this newer information, like Mamayev Kurgan map being confirmed.

    Guess I'll stop working on my own version! Ah, I kid. I figured that was the map they were talking about several months ago, but wasn't sure.

    So on my to-do list:

    1) Re-download beta
    2) Start using the SDK to design a map that isn't already in the works

    Got it...


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      Re: TWI - Refining the Game

      I'm Looking forward to the new map; some of these changes are encouraging hopefully it helps breathe some life back into the title.


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        Re: TWI - Refining the Game

        Coridon, I have a suggestion for a map: a training facility. I always love to have a training map in a multiplayer game. A good training map would have at least the following:

        -A shooting range with targets that are destructible, or have some way of registering hits. Moving targets are off course more awesome, but much harder.
        -Possibly a shooting range for tanks as well
        -An area to train CQB (~MOUT training or what is it called again); like the houses swat teams have etc. Should have some form of destructile targets, ideally they would pop up as you go trough the training course.

        .... OK I now realize this is way too early to make this map if you want things to move. I think you would need all kinds of scripts that haven't been written yet. Still I love this kind of map.

        About the refinements post nr.3

        What interested me most was that they are going to look at squadleader spawn. They might make it worse! But they might make it better.

        What was also interesting is what they are doing with the 'squad UI'. At first I thought this meant fixing the squad selection screen or even axing class selection (silly me). It is afaik about changing who's name you can see in the gameworld. This could still help teamwork I hope.

        LAstly, that new map looks nice, I love me some trench warfare.


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          Re: TWI - Refining the Game


          America's Army 3 had a MOUT course, firing ranges, etc. and used the same engine as RO2. I wonder if some of those meshes could be imported?

          Oh yeah, about spawning on SL. I played in a .*4f scrim Wednesday night, 5 vs. 5 and the spawn on SL worked every time. I was going to ask Omniconsumer what was going on; it was Spartanovka, but we just fought over what normally C and D in the normal game. The Axis spawned near the Church and attacked us (we were Allies) so it wasn't the standard map size, either.

          I'm hoping they make spawning on SL work every time for "relaxed" mode, and take it away completely for "RO Classic", which will hopefully make everyone happy. Well, almost everyone...


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            Re: TWI - Refining the Game

            Hmm remember when a few months ago they did un specified changes to SL spawn? I have the impression they might have fixed the code checking for nearby enemies. I too have noticed spawning working better with few people on. The spawn I told you about on spartanovka I also only used in a small game.

            PErhaps we should test again someday if we have enough ppl on.


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              Re: TWI - Refining the Game

              FYI, beta is "out" and there are three servers to test some of the new refinements (plus the new map).

              What is/what is not being tested.

              List of servers if you need to enter IP manually.


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                Re: TWI - Refining the Game

                Sorry I didn't upload any screenshots, but I played Mamayev for a little bit earlier today.

                1) It definitely plays different from all other RO2 maps
                2) It actually reminds me of a BF3 map with all CPs clustered in the middle of the map with open terrain surrounding them. Lots of room for flanking, but why are all the flags on top of each other?
                3) The trenches tend to be DEEP. Over your head deep, so that once you're inside you're committed and can't mantle out. Very claustrophobic.
                4) Lots of bunkers and MG nests to clear out. Again, a lot of the fixed MGs are out in the open (???) and some of the bunkers have gun ports that look out into the side of a hill 5 meters away. This boggles my mind...

                The map is definitely a WIP. In fact, the floors of the bunkers still have the default blue & white checkerboard texture, for instance.

                I'll try to take some screenshots in the next several days and post them...


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                  Re: TWI - Refining the Game

                  Not my screenshots, and they're spectating.


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                    Re: TWI - Refining the Game

                    OK, these are screenshots I took:

                    Here's a view of the overhead map. You can see the flags are linear and the Germans attack them in order, although another round I played was different. The top two flags were Allied, the bottom two were Axis, and the one in the middle was neutral. By the time I arrived the Allies has capped it and there was the Soviet flag flying above it, but I wonder if the flag is dynamic?

                    Here's the inside of one of the bunkers. You can see it's a WIP due to the floor, and also the radio is levitating!




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