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  • [INFO] Beta Update and Free Weekend

    According to the latest "What We Are Up To" post by Yoshiro, TWI is planning on rolling out the latest Beta Update before the end of May. He goes on to say that the Free Steam Weekend will follow about a week later. Once TWI posts a more concrete date, a front page article will be submitted.

    Some high points of the beta changelog in Yoshiro's post:

    - Ability for server admins to choose from Server-side or Client-side hit detection (Thanks TWI community member Mekhazzio!)
    - Ability for server admins to choose from several different options of AI Tank control (Thanks TWI community member Ducky!)
    - News of the Multiplayer Campaign

    So, if you already own Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, fire it up and check out the beta! If you don't own the game, keep an eye peeled for more info about the incoming Free Weekend! This game has come a long way with the help of TWI community members and their feedback, suggestions, and mutators: as evidenced by the inclusion of the two most popular mutators into the upcoming beta patch.


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    Re: Beta Update and Free Weekend

    I don't know how I missed this post...

    I'm definitely looking forward to the long awaited patch. The new map (Mamaev Kurgan) has loads of atmosphere. Very immersive! TWI is making a lot of changes to the game, most of them driven by community feedback. If you haven't played in a while I also suggest trying out after the patch or during the free weekend.

    To my understanding server admins will have a lot of control over specific game settings, like the aforementioned client-side OR server-side hit detection. I also believe there will be essentially four different "styles" of game mode available, and admins can choose their settings a la carte.

    Classic: Similar to RO: Ostfront. More weapon sway, less stamina. Standard weapon loadout for each class.
    Realism: Little HUD information; few sidearms. Teammate nametags are only visible at close ranges.
    Standard: Fast(er) paced, with soldiers able to select both primary weapons and sidearms. HUD provides much information.
    Action (work in progress): Fast paced. Crosshairs on the screen, and weapon damage is reduced.

    I personally think a good mix will be a "Classic/Realism" hybrid, and hopefully that's what we'll be able to offer.

    Also, I've been playing some Countdown lately, and have to say that once you wrap your head around this game mode it can be very rewarding and tactical. I'd recommend watching several of the following tournament videos to become familiar with Countdown:

    Wolga CD Tournament.


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      Re: Beta Update and Free Weekend

      That's some good stuff.
      Yeah,the avatar is supposed to be like that :D




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