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CPU tempeture issue

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  • CPU tempeture issue

    I got ro2 installed and loaded it up, only to have it not like my cpu.

    On fresh boot my cpu idles at ~48c. within a minute or two playing RO2 it's up to 70c. I searched around on TWI boards, and a few people have cpu issues, but no fixes. Anyone here have an idea what I can try?

    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz (OCed to 3.2)


    [Edit] btw, my gpu temps are normal. only goes up about 10c. About 15ish shy of my max allowable.

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    U sure you did a good job with the paste? You idle alot higher than my
    In game temps? Granted I have a 125 watt and chip.....but still

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      Re: CPU tempeture issue

      Does Intel use something like AMD's Cool n' Quiet automated fan control? If so, make sure that it's cycling up to full speed under load.

      I'm no expert on Intel processors but, that idle temp seems pretty high like Ven said. Definitely worth redoing the thermal paste if that idle temp is way over the spec for the chip.



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        Re: CPU tempeture issue

        mmm, been a while since I built this machine. I assume I pasted fine, maybe a reapply is in order.

        I've been reading the thread Ramm posted this morning, and there's a lot of talk about how the gfx are being run on the cpu. So I set everything to the lowest and got a few degrees relief. a few more tweaks and I may be good

        [edit] hmm, fan speeds. somehting else I'll look into. Thanks for the ideas.




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