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  • Ural steel

    This is a International World Of Tanks competition.

    There are 3 divisions: 6/60

    Max tier : 6
    Max tier arty: 5
    Max points per team : 60

    A tier 6 tank = 6 points , and tier 5 = 5 points and so on.


    Max tier : 8
    Max points per team : 90
    No arty restrictions.


    Max tier : 10
    Max points per team : 140
    Also no arty restrictions.

    1 player can also enter 1 division.

    You can have 14 as primary and 6 back ups.
    So this is basically 20 per team.

    Wondered if anyone was interested in joining one. i would like to join the 6/60 as i do amazing against tier 6 and below with my SU-100 but i wouldn't mind going in my Su-152 (Or ISU if i get it by then) in the 8/90. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Ural steel

    I could be persuaded. Remember you can compete in only one class and as I have competitive vehicles in each class I'll wait to see who else is interested in an expenses paid trip to Mother Russia?
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      Re: Ural steel

      Would the events be schedualed, if so any idea on what the general time frame for them are. But if it fits into my schedual, I could take my SU-100 or possably M7 medium if we would have a need for it. If we do go with T8's i could take my SU 152 but shes new (only 1 battle at time of this post) so without any upgrades it would be a bit out of place.


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        Re: Ural steel

        The SU-152 stock with HE's is a blast. get rammer, net and a gun laying drive and it becomes a real nice TD. The HE on the 152 can damage Teir 10's about 13% per shot (if you hit). So the stock SU 152 wouldn't be out of place :] just slow reload and a inaccurate gun. XD


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          Re: Ural steel

          Yea, issue is that you gotta hit. And that first shot better count because the time it takes to load the 2nd, you gonna be hurting.


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            Re: Ural steel

            Depending on the time frame I might be able to compete. My primary is a Marder II, but I may be using a StuG or a Pzjr IV in the near future.
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              Re: Ural steel

              Depending on my work hours ill probs end up running my JagdPnzVI or a SPG from USA
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