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Drill Boot Camp Tournament

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  • Drill Boot Camp Tournament

    For anyone who hasn't seen the notification in the launcher, there is a 5/60 tournament being readied.

    Full details here:

    The skinny of it is:

    5/60 (Tier 5 max, tier 4 max arty, total team tier points not to exceed 60 points)
    Other than that, no tank limits; premium tanks, ammo and consumables allowed.

    Teams must have 14 players, with up to 6 reserve players. Teams may join a battle with less than 14 players in case of no-shows.

    Registration started yesterday and ends May 2nd.

    The Map is Westfield. Winner is 1st team to reach 2 wins in a max of 5 matches. (if no one makes 2 wins in 5, both are disqualified.) Teams switch sides after each match. Vehicle and player substitutions between matches are permitted.

    So I guess what I am getting at is... Who would be interested in competing and what are your best tier <= 5 vehicles?

    I'll start off with offering the services of my infamous Marder II (Tier 3) and Leopard (Tier 4). Both hit well above their tier and would leave room for more tier 5s on our team.
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    Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

    I'd be willing to play with my Grille (T4 arty) or SU 85 (T5 TD).




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      Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

      Is there interest in this?


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        Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

        im down I just have to finish my su85, I have a m4 sherman but we need a kv with a derp gun also I think

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          Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

          M7 preist - ready
          Ram II - Ready
          T34 - close
          SU-85 - Ready

          Im ready with arty or med tanks and one TD
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            Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

            Got maxed on everything M7 Priest.

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              Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

              I would love to play, have a Marder II and an M4 Sherman rearing to go. Do we have anyone going heavies? I've heard lots of TD's and Mediums but no/little interest in heavies.

              Edit: I had a bunch of free experience laying around so I went ahead and teched up to KV. I will have it maxed out by the end of the week.
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                Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament

                Hey guys this is eGO Blasphemy from Edgegamers and I just want to say it was a hard fought battle on both sides, we each did great and I wanted to personally say to you guys feel free to add me ingame at : BL4SPH3MY :
                so if you want to scrim against us feel free to find me and i will see if we can setup a match down the road.

                Good job tho guys. :)




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