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Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

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  • Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

    So I had fun playing all on the same team, I thought it would be productive to have a debrief thread to discuss what we did that was good, and what we did that was bad.

    So here's my list:

    We had 17 people registered on time (albeit last minute)
    We had 12 people show up to the tournament (would have preferred a full 14 man team but as many said we had a good lineup)
    Awesome players! Good shots we had a great first round
    Great Communication of targets, and focus firing

    Needs Improvement:
    We need to change strategies inbetween games
    Needs more practice/strategizing before the game
    Needs communication pre-game know who's going to be on when so we have an idea of what we are going into.

    Dropped the Ball:
    I totally ruined the first game because I didn't know I had to move everyone up before the battle. Oh well now we know.
    Private forums?

    I think this was a lot of fun (I know I had fun), and a great learning experience for all of us. Now that we have some experience under our belt I feel confident that the next tournament we will be able to be competitive.

    I hope nobody comes out of this feeling discouraged, I think that with what we had we did great. Once again I apologize that my lack of experience forfeited our first game, and eGO if you guys see this post GG. That last round was awesome, I hope you had as much fun as we did :).

    Also eGO recorded the match:
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    Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

    Yea I agree with all of that. Dont worry about the dropping the ball on the moving up thing. We all did. If we would have known about it, someone would have said it. Also, anyone could move them selfs up. So, not only your fault.

    And I know I am not discouraged. It left me wanting more. First time that I have really been in a battle where every player is communicating and working together. Bring on the clan wars.


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      Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

      It was a great game, you guys dominated us that first round and the second round we were a little bit anxious about pushing, great defense. So last game we knew you guys would be defense so we thought we would hit you hard and fast blitzkrieg style, still would have been a draw if it were not for my hail mary arty shot, GG well played, def going to scrim with you guys again! P.S. Bummer about first round technical loss.. These tournaments can be confusing sometimes with no guidance.

      We should consider an alliance when clan wars is released, we would love to have you on our side in a firefight.

      Hit me up on steam id: druidsdx


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        Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

        Thanks druid. But thats the game. It might suck, but in the end I get why they have it like that. That fast rush was gutsy, but worked, so well done.

        I think you said on the forum that the shot that won it was a blind arty shot by you. If so, impressive, wouldn't mind having you backing me up in any battle.

        I am all for an alliance during clan wars.


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          Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

          Very GG everyone. It was alot of fun. Scrims would be great down the road.


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            Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

            It was a good match and that last game rush certainly surprised me. One second nothing but trees and hills in front of me then I blinked and half your team was right in front of me.

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              Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

              it was good game. Scrim match here we come ;) your team was good :)



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                Re: Drill Boot Camp Tournament Debrief

                Ya It was very fun, and we would love to play you again and I hope to team up in clan wars, could always use a good tactical team on our side, glad to have you join :)

                Also I recored the last 2 matches I missed the first 1 due to my PC didn't want to record haha.

                Well all in all you guys did well, I am saddened about the first match that was forfeited on your part woulda been a blast to see how it came down. :)

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