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  • Level up fast

    So, I have not played since the beta, and with all my data being wiped, I am starting again.

    Basically, I want to level up as fast as possible. The USA faction I have not really used before. My thoughts are below, please comment and recommend best upgrade tank line so I can get bang for buck, so we can get competitive in the clan wars.

    Arty Tanks.

    Going Russian here. I used to have a lot of fun going russian for these before. Not adverse to German or US here, so input would be nice.

    Light Tanks.

    German I reckon. Had a lot of fun with German lights in the Beta.

    Medium Tanks.

    USA most likely, I very much fancy the Pershing here.


    Again the German tanks, I think thats how I want to roll. Bring on the tigers.....Should be easiest to go from the German lights and upgrade through to the heavy.

    Tank Destroyers.

    Tricky. Initially I think German, but the Russians have some nice stuff in this area.

    Basically I am looking for recommendations folks, all input welcomed.

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    Re: Level up fast

    I just started playing so I'll keep an eye on this thread just in case any suggestions pop up. Going with what you said Jeepo, thanks :D
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      Re: Level up fast

      I can't comment on most of these as I play exclusively German. (but Blood was in near hysterics about the American tier 8 arty, so you might want to take a look at that)

      That being said, you should consider the "Free tanks" that will be awarded in the future if you have certain tanks in your garage when the tech trees are updated. In most cases you will keep the tank that is being exchanged, and that tank will be bumped down a tier while you get a free replacement tank and garage slot. It's a pretty sweet deal.

      Full details here:

      Also note the new German TD line, although don't expect those until maybe Q3 or 4 this year. I'm still pretty psyched about it. Sturer Emil mounts the German tier X gun on a tier 7 TD? Sounds like a tier 7 Marder. Me like.
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        Re: Level up fast

        Cheers for the info Elliott, a Pershing becoming a Patton sounds sweet to me. Take a lot of work I think, but maybe worth it!


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          Re: Level up fast

          Ok, there are several factors to consider here before I give recommendations.
          1. Are you going to be buying gold for premium/experience conversion?
          2. Are you planning on specializing in one single tank type and grinding hard specifically for CW or are you going to take your time and branch out and just get to endgame tanks whenever you get around to it?
          3. Which of the types do you want to play the most?

          Now, without knowing those things, what I'd recommend would be to go up the german heavy tree. This is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Personally, I dont like the german heavies, but to each their own, you've always been a weird one Jeepo. :D Anyway, the german heavy line will let you get your light tank fix for the first two tanks (if you go toward the leopard, the tree doesnt fork back in, so you'd have to backtrack) and then its all mediums up to the Tiger at tier 7. Now, this isnt necessarily a bad thing. The Panzer IV and the VK3601 are freaking BEASTLY mediums at their tier, as good (if not better in some cases) than their russian counterparts and the P4 is certainly superior in every way to any of the american tier 5 mediums. Oh, and its an EASY grind from T1-T6.

          Once you get to the tiger, things slow down a bit because the tiger, um, sucks. Ask any of our tiger drivers how crappy the grind is to the KT. The KT (or Tiger II) is a very very nice machine, and then you get to the VK4502 and Maus.

          So if you're going one single line, based on your druthers for tanks, that's how I'd do it. Now, if you prefer to only do mediums or some other line, I can give you recommendations based on that as well. This will just get you to endgame tanks the quickest.


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            Re: Level up fast

            Getting to endgame is definitely what I want. I have no problem sticking to ze germanz if that gets me some serious firepower as quickly as possibly. In the beta I used the german tanks to good effect, so can confidently do that. I do however want to think about getting the Pershing at some point in the future, but that can wait.

            I don't plan to buy gold. I am tight.

            I can happily specialise.

            Play most depends on my mood. I like to have huge guns. So, with that theory, either a heavy or Arty is good. Tank busters I am not experienced with, so not sure about those.

            I think I will go german for the start, and get as high as I can. Can use the USA for the pershing as a side project. For Arty, light and TB which would you recommend?


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              Re: Level up fast

              Arty is a tossup. I've heard it argued 1000 different ways and none of them hold any particular water, so that one is entirely up to you. Played right, it doesnt matter what nation's arty you're running because good arty is hax. BloodDrops is hax when it comes to arty, cheap bastard.

              For light tanks, since they all end at Tier 4, you can pretty easily run all 3 nation's light tanks up in a week so you'd have any of them to choose from. However, I would personally go with the german lights because the Leo (the endproduct of the german light line) is a damn sturdy little scout.

              For Tank Destroyers, it depends on what you want. Before I got into that though, you had said you never played TD's before, so I'll give you a brief rundown:
              -Decent frontal armor on most (german endgame TD's have ridiculously thick frontal armor) but almost completely bare of armor on the sides and back.
              -The reason for the thin armor everywhere else is because the TDs have no turrets. Your front is always forward to the enemy...or you're toast. The guns are stationary mount with a firing arc that ranges between 15 degrees at the narrowest to 45 degrees at the widest. Anything else and you have to turn your whole tank. Sounds painful to do, but its not.
              -TD's are a camper line, but not without benefit: BIG GUNS. Ask any of our TD guys, its not unusual to get 6, 7 or 8 kills in a round with a tank destroyer. Also, the russian line has the most beastly gun, the 152mm cannon on the ISU-152 and Object 704, which is nicknamed "the Hand of God".
              So based on your preference for big guns, I'd go russian with TDs simply because of the end product being the Hand of God. Its a very easy grind to do as well and TDs are a hell of a lot of fun.

              As for the pershing, thats gonna be a good choice. The pershing is already a beast and when it gets bumped down to tier 8, its going to be pure domination in its tier. I cant wait to see what the Patton is going to be like when they pop it in the pershing's place at tier 9.


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                Re: Level up fast

                Cheers guys, and ferris.

                One final question. Premium accounts. I probably won't do it, however, I MIGHT as I like to support game developers if I enjoy the game. If I do it I will get me a Lowe for the $$$, is there any other recommendations on how to spend the gold? Also, the experience I get with the lowe stays with it, or can I dish it out to other tanks I own without converting it? So if I pwn with the lowe over and over, does the experience I earn with it stay with it like a normal tank?


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                  Re: Level up fast

                  Without buying gold, it seems to take forever to grind anything. It took me 55 rounds in a BT-2 to grind to the BT-7, with a 62% win percentage and averaging two kills per round. That's only going from tier II to tier III. Assuming a round averages 6 minutes, that's 5.5 hours of grinding. Assume 7 minutes per round and that's almost another hour. I'm not sure this is for casual gamers - not if they want to play any high tier tanks anyway. :\


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                    Re: Level up fast

                    Yeah, I don't mind doing it if I get to make the TG clan more powerful. Taking one for the team so to speak! :) A Lowe, then maybe use the money to advance up the USA line to the Pershing. Then I can worry about TD's, which could be fun.


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                      Re: Level up fast

                      Ok, for gold and such:
                      -Premium is worth it. The XP gains arent MUCH faster, but they are faster. 2500 gold gets you a months worth of premium. The lowest amount of gold you can buy is 3000, with is $15 USD.

                      -The lowe is 7500 gold, just FYI.

                      -Grinding can be slow for certain lines, as sordavie said. The BT-2->BT-7 grind is notoriously bad because the tanks are ridiculously fast, but the guns are atrocious. Some of the other lines are very quick, such as the Russian TD line, which takes maybe 4-5 hours of gameplay to get to Tier 4 if you play it right.

                      -Another thing to note: there is a HUGE bump in XP gains when you hit tier 5. From tier 1-tier 4, you can expect maybe 350-400 xp for a GREAT match and 100-250 for a solid win. When you hit tier 5, you'll be pulling 150-200 for a pretty abysmal loss and upwards of 1000 for a good win. A great game can net you 1500-2000 xp. Of course, things start getting much more expensive XP wise at tier 5 as well. For example, I need 179,000 xp to get to the IS-4 from the IS-3 (tier 8-> tier 9 russian heavies).

                      -As far as the xp goes with premium tanks like the lowe, it's all standard formula: all of your XP is designated to THAT tank and 5% of it goes to your "free experience" which can be used for anything. On normal tanks, thats fine because you have lots of stuff to upgrade, but premium tanks come top of the line out of the box, so all of the experience you gain in it goes nowhere unless you convert it. However, if you do spend the cash to convert the XP, the rate is 25000xp per 1000 gold. So if you were to grab a lowe, you could get all the way up to (or past) the Panzer IV on $15 USD without issue. I spent about 6000 gold converting experience out of my Ram II (tier 5 american medium premium tank) and it got me up to the following: T-34-85 (T6 russian MED), SU-85 (T5 russian TD), KV-3 (T6 russian heavy), M7 (T5 US MED), Leopard (T4 german light), Grille (T4 German artillery). I never had to play a single tank in the lines preceding any of those (I did anyway, just for fun) and I still had a crapload of gold left over to convert XP for upgrades on those tanks once I had them. Took me about a week of 2-3 hours a day.

                      Also, to the end that it isnt for casual gamers that sordavie pointed out, it might not be for super casual gamers. 5 hours in a week really isnt that much, especially if you're playing in a platoon with friends. There are lots of times where I'll mean to sit down for an hour of WOT, jump in a platoon with a few TG guys and next thing I know, 5 or 6 hours has passed. Compared to lots of other games, especially shooter titles or MMOs, the time requirements to advance are very small.

                      EDIT: did the math on it. If you were to advance STRAIGHT through the tech tree and only get the components you need to get to the next tank and none of the ancillary equipment, you can get all the way to the Tiger on the german line for approximately 105,000 experience, which equates to 4200 gold in conversion costs. So if you got $15 worth, you'd only be about 30,000xp short of the tiger and running a VK3601, which is an awesome medium.


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                        Re: Level up fast

                        By the way jeepo, if you can hop on TS, I'll be there for the next couple hours playing and would be more than happy to discuss it all. Certainly faster than the forums.


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                          Re: Level up fast

                          Yeah I played the beta a lot. I just don't fancy the headache of going through all the baby tanks again to get to my monsters. I think I might pump for the Lowe, and use any remaining gold to convert experience, to get me a Heavy US or German, and a TD. The lights can come in their own time, and arty is for n00bs like Apophis! ;)

                          Edit: No TS for a few hours mate, I leave work in an hour, straight to the airport and back to Northern Ireland for a few days, so not be on the internet for maybe 6-7 hours. I do have my phone for the forums however.


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                            Re: Level up fast

                            Roger that, safe travels buddy!


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                              Re: Level up fast

                              Well if you need XP and credits fast and dont want to exchange gold then for the love of god get the Lowe this picture will prove as to how powerful and how much of a money maker it is when played correctly.

                              As for arty i recommend the USA arty due to its now the most powerful SPG side on the entire game with its T92 dealing out 2250 damage with 120 penetration thats just the HE round for the premium rounds your looking at 1800 damage and 370 penetration which, IMO is freakishly insane even then if you are spotted you can get out of any danger with a top speed of 40KMph so the speeds there the only drawback is the reload rate of 1.47 (non arty gun rammer) which sucks a fair bit but whe you add the gun rammer you get a ROF of 1.6 or 1.7 which is a hell of a lot better than before, so combine all that with the ability to one shot two SU-152s with out hitting either of them the splash damage is just wow.

                              So thats my 5cents on the T92 in general its a big boy with a huge gun that might as well fire off mini nukes from Fallout3.
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