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Artillery insider (what's going on in my head when I am playing)

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  • Artillery insider (what's going on in my head when I am playing)

    I confess that's just a copy/paste from a thing I wrote in the official WoT forums. Nice thing to defend against the countless "arty-should-be-removed" guys out there. Just my 2 cents about "easy mode" that is accredited to us.....
    Just like it's not easy being green, it's not easy being arty.....

    "The artillery decision-making-tree of Doom"
    Many people who have never played arty or not very often have no idea of how many possible gamewinning/-losing decisions an arty-player has to make during a round. Let's play through an example, and for the sake of it, let's say that there are no special tactics issued before the start of the match. Please bear in mind that I will only describe decisions that take me at least 25 seconds to execute/life with the consequences:

    -Round starts, everybody set's out. Let's say there are 3 possible ways to enemy base (east, west and center - please start using compass-directions, hat to many "stage-left"-fails already).
    I start looking at the development of friendlies and decide, what general area to set up. First important decision based on shooting angles on the map, load of friendlies in the area, concealment, possibilities to relocate/run away.

    -Friendlies are deployed. No enemies in sight. Let's say overloaded west flank, td's deffing center and slightly underpowered east flank. I set up way back center.
    I'm set up and want to aim at something. Since i know the most common chokepoints i now have to make another decision. Do I aim in the direction of the enemy base and check most common arty-spots for tracers in hope of couter-arty (which would be great if it worked, but has slim chances) or do I "guard" one of the chokepoints so I can shoot almost instantly if something pops up there - and which one do I aim at.

    -I decided to stay on counter arty, since both friendly groups seem to be happy where they are and there is no push happening. Still no enemy in sight, but west group is getting hammered by enemy artillery. No tracers at the "usual"-spots I have been looking at.
    Options: Do I stay on counter in hopes of finding enemy arty fast? Enemy push could be happening any second now (probably at the point where enemy arty is shooting)... So maybe I should aim in front of west group of friendlies. Also something must provide enemy arty with coordinates, so is there just a lonely scout or a whole group of enemies trying to break through the west flank?

    -I shift my aim in front of our own group of the west in hope someone will find the scout or the enemy groups decides to move forward. Friendlies moved into positions where they can't be hit by arty, which stops firing. Still no enemy on west flank or center, but a lonely blip shows up on east flank. I take a peek without shifting aim and see a Heavy sitting behind cover (about 50% hit chance).
    Do I hang in on the west flank and hope something will happen there? I know at least "something" is there. Do I switch aim to east flank? No good chance of hitting the Heavy, but he may not be alone and an enemy push could happen there.

    -I stay on west flank and think it a good choice. Own east flank torches the heavy and suddenly two Meds show up on west flank. Nothing else seems to be following, so I shoot one (wheee, I hit the moving tank and destroy him) while the other is engaged by own tanks, destroying it. Something really nasty, but not artillery, hits one of own Heavies, one-shotting him. Possible hidden TD. East flank is motivated by kill and decides to push forward while west flank cowers in fear of "invisible-killer-gun-from-hell".
    Same decision as before, but on the east flank I would support a push instead of a slim hit-chance on a single target.

    -I switch to east flank in hope of supporting the push. West flank still sits tight. East flank moves forward through the open just as a light enemy scout tries to blast through the center. He is immediatly desintegrated by our defending TD's, but not before lighting up the guys moving on the east flank. They get seriously hammered by enemy SPG's and defending TD's. Push stops, surviving friendlies hide in cover. I have spotted some SPG tracers and one TD in a bush who soon disappears from the map again.
    Do I stay on own east flank before they collapse completley? Exposed flank could lead to disaster... Or do I hope that the TD is still in it's bush and try to hit it? Killing off enemy TD-Def could win the game.... Counter arty is in my opinion no option at this point.

    -I try a combination of both. Aim at the bush, shoot (hit-no kill), move my hull (it's time anyway) and immediatly aim back in support position of east flank. West flank moves in the meanwhile, finding and killing a few enemies while suffering small losses. Not much happening there enemy-wise. While i aim back at east flank I see they already get swarmed by tons of enemies but still holding out.
    I got a "target-rich enviroment" now. There is a massive ammount of shifting, shuffeling, repositioning and shooting going on. What the hell should I shoot? Standing Med who could move any second? Half covered Heavy? Heavy at whom I got no shot but who pops up from his cover precisely everey 5,43 seconds? Or is the flank lost anyways and I relocate to west flank to support them and save my own hide?

    Calling yourself Michael Wittmann in WoT is about as creative as calling yourself Gimli in WoW. Still there are hundreds of them! I fear for humanity....



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